Chapter 23 | Flip Side

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I'm so sorry for the wait, I know I've been slacking and I apologize! I wrote this up quickly and it's sorta a filler - But I hope you can still enjoy!
I <3 you guys, virtual cookies to you all, and without further ado ~

Driving the bug so Emma can collect on a well deserved break, Killian soon finds himself second guessing his rash decision to surprise her with a dozen of gooey, raspberry filled donuts and a large coffee from the Texaco they topped off at last as he finds himself with a curious arched brow, casting a side glance her way.

Because now, in the shotgun seat is Emma. Hyped up on sugar and caffeine; wildly moving her free arm to the beat of the radio while cramming a donut in her mouth in a unladylike fashion.
Her feet adorned in red polka dot socks running over the dash while the heaters blast on high, shooting out warm air as they climb in altitudes, working their way up the mountain towards the pass.

Killian darkly chuckles under his breath at Emma as she gets weird gawks from the drivers passing them by, but she doesnt care what anyone else thinks; slipping her classy sunglasses onto her glowing features as she sings along to her favorite song.

Killian tilts his head when he gets to thinking, along with this being a sugar and caffeine induced rush its all most likely built up energy as well. It's not like She gets out much, and they really don't get to have much fun. It's become a vicious cycle of driving, sleeping, joking, and eating.

Before long the road cuts down into two lanes, the individual lanes growing smaller guiding them over the winding mountain pass.
After a bit of driving, small talk and a couple donuts later they slowly begin to descend down the other side of the mountain, lush empty green fields fly by the Windows along with the ever growing distant mountain ranges. After an hour or so Emma leans her heavy head against the window sill, curling up against the door as a dream filled sleep captivates her.

Killian threaded his free hand through his hair, leaving the other on the wheel as his thoughts wander. Catching himself side glancing over to Emma every so often.

She looks so peaceful, curled up into herself for safety and warmth. Her long blonde tresses that she recently dared to re-dye back to her natural look, cascading over the porcelain contours of her face.

Shaking his head to himself as he tries to keep his blue eyes locked on the road, Killian glances down to her again because he can't help but be bloody amazed at how he lucked out getting assigned to a lass such as her. Emma changed him, Though he might not admit it to anyone but himself - Everyday he wakes up finding himself wanting to be a better man for her.

Going into this, he knew that this was strictly business. But it's not anymore. Everything's changed, and Killian just prays that this is something she never finds out about. 

Reason being that He needs to protect her from the truths that lurk around in the shadows, along with those that would seep out from his blackened heart in liquid guilt If the lies were to be severed. Soiling her pure quality of priceless trust.

Pink and orange streaks stain the ever darkening sky in the suns last attempt to paint the clouds as the moon inevitably takes control of the grand expanse of the endless skies, casting utter darkness all around.
Something along the road catches Killians eye, giving him an idea that he hopes can cheer her up.


Suddenly the car lurches forward, stopping after swiftly turning and dipping down into a parking lot; Gravel crunched and crackled under the tires slowly bringing Emma out of her sleeping state with the sudden change of pace.
"Want me to drive?" She yawns stretching out like a cat.

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