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season 11 episode 14 - "The Vessel"

Harris: Rich, ain't it? Frog's sittin' pretty like Queen of Sheba getting room service in the war room. I can't even gripe, 'cause... Well, you seen that dame? The gams on her?

Dean: Yeah. Yeah, she's a hottie...

[Harris gives Dean a look.]

Dean: Yeah, those gams, huh?



Yeah, those gams, Dean.



Sam: Hey, did you know the Nazis had a special branch devoted to archaeology?

Dean: Little early for Nazi trivia, especially without caffeine.


season 11 episode 15 - "Beyond The Mat"

Dean: You know they're having a memorial show tonight. I know you're itching to get back-

Sam: We should go to it.

Dean: Really?

Sam: Why not? The world is still gonna be screwed tomorrow, right?



Way to be optimistic.


Lucifer: You really thought you could double-cross me? Me?! You know I invented the double-cross, like literally.


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