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Tasia and I left the emergency room around 8 the next morning

Tasia and I left the emergency room around 8 the next morning. Tired would be an understatement to what I was. After grinding it out all night then getting caught up with my little freak Kayla, I was fucking exhausted.

Luckily Tasia only had a scratched sclera. Which was when you scratched the white part of your eyeball. She was given some drops to prevent infection and had to keep her eye covered for the next 48 hours. The doctor gave strict no driving instructions which made me breathe a sigh of relief. I had a little time to plead my case before she tried to leave a nigga.

"You hungry?" I asked Tasia as I whipped out of the hospital parking lot. As expected, she ignored a nigga.

I felt bad everytime I looked over at her and saw that damn patch on her eye. Tasia knew what the fuck she was doing when she said that bullshit to me though. She knew exactly how to get under a nigga's skin. I was her first and would forever be her only.

I did me every now and again but I was a young nigga with money. Couldn't keep them bitches off me if I tried. One thing I never did was lie to them though. They all knew about Tasia and her spot in my life. They also knew not to approach her with no dumb shit either.

I had to make an example out of a few bitches that tried approaching Tasia on some dumb shit. Since then, I didn't have anymore problems from my side pieces.

To be honest, Kayla was the only one I was fucking with at the moment. She was a cool ass college chick I met in the club one night. She was pretty, but she didn't have nothing on Tasia.

Tasia was a Black and Dominican. Her skin was a beautiful mixture between cappuccino and caramel colored. My baby been the shit since middle school. The crazy thing about it was, she didn't even know it.

Tasia was hands down the most beautiful girl in the world to me and every other nigga with eyes.

She was just like one of the guys though. That's what made her so cool. She didn't care about all that superficial shit like make-up and getting her nails done. Tasia stayed in the latest Jordans and some sweats. She was effortlessly beautiful and I was honored when she actually gave me some play. Furthermore when she gave me her virginity.

I wasn't no ugly ass nigga, but I wasn't the nigga I am now, back then. A nigga used to wear tall tees and some slightly dusty air forces. The money my big brother used to give me always went to the bills so I didn't have time to get fresh and shit.

I was the captain of the football team but none of the broads gave me any play. Like I said, a nigga was a little dusty. But Tasia looked past all of that. She was there when a nigga had nothing, and for that I'll always give her whatever.

I pulled into the driveway of the two story house I brought for Tasia and I. It was a modest four bedroom single family home. But to us, it was everything. We owned this muhfucka so nobody could come snatch it from us. I killed the ignition once I pulled into the garage and grabbed Tasia's arm lightly to stop her from getting out the car.

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