Kill Me Now - Jeff The Killer Love Story

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I awoke at 10:43 this morning feeling like shit, I am not a morning person.

I dragged my self out of bed and threw on some shorts and a Super Mario T-shirt then walked out of my room putting up my long black hair into a ponytail.

"Hey Tyler!"

I greeted my one year old brother as he ran up to me giving me a hug babbling his cute little gibberish that only he could understand.

"Good Morning Josh"

I glanced at my stepfather who was in the livingroom watching football. I love him as my own dad because he is a nice guy and he cares about my mom and loves her with all his heart who she was at work at the moment.

I hate my real Dad who lives across the whole country in washington state with his stupid ass fiancé Violet, I hate him so much that I want him dead for how much pain he caused mom and I.

I went into the kitchen to see my white cat sleeping on the deep freeze.

"Hey Fuzz, how are you big boy?"

I rubbed his fuffy chest and he purred. I looked out the windows that streched from the kitchen all the way to the dining room witch was a long distance. I saw a strange figure in the forest that streched all around our trailer house. I ignored it and got some cereal when I was done I went to my room and sat at my desk with my IPod touch 2nd generation which sucked and went on youtube.

"Jeff The Killer" I said as I typed it in.

I had no idea who this guy is or he existed until my friend Alejandro told me about him and I wanted to know more. Apparently he was somthing called a creepypasta, really the only creepypasta I knew before anything was The Slenderman and I wasn't all terrified of him even though the first time I herd of him is when I was 10.

Jeff the killer was a 13 year old with his brother Liu and parents then he was attacked and set on fire. From there on end he cut his mouth to a smile, burnt his eyelids off and killed his family is all know from other than he's said to be 18 now.

"Thats cool" I whispered to myself as I learened about more creepypastas like Ben Drowned,, The Rake and more. Then when I new it it was 5:26pm and Mom has been home sence 2:30

I ran out of my room to see my mom on the couch with Tyler tickling him, his laughter was so adorable! I came over and sat next to mom and started to play along with Tyler.

Mom got a call from my Dad and he was pissed!

"I'm Sorry Daniel! I Forgot! I'll send it to you! I promise!"

"You Better ya sorry Bitch!"

my chest swelled up with hatred and mom started to cry.

"Stop crying you whore and send it all! Oh, and I bought Maddie a plain ticket to come live with me and she is leaving in five days so you better have her packed up and on that plane by then or I will have you put in jail for keeping my child from me."

He hung up.

"HELL NO!" I screamed as mom cried harder

"I'm so sorry Maddie! I owe your father money and-"

"NO! Fuck him! Don't send him anything and Im not leaving you" I hugged her "I want to talk to him"

Moma handed me her phone and I called him

"The FUCK do you want?" he snapped

"Excuse me? I believe you should treat Mama with respect asshole" I snapped back

"Maddie!" he said with excitement " are you happy about coming to stay with me after 4 years?"


hey guys! this is my first story and im very new so id like it if i get some reads and maybe comments

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