The new and improve

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      The next morning we was on a jet to Haiti . "You brought those diamonds"? I asked her she nodded. She had this cold look in her eyes ever since she got up.
      "If you don't mind me asking why you care so much about a women who wasn't there for you"? SAMs asked her and boy did she snap.
       "She my fucking mother fuck you mean. Look I don't have to explain why to you or you." She got up "and it's not just my mother this fucker killed my dad".
       She then went and sat to the back of the jet. I waited till she cool down and then went and checked on her. "Chantal you alright"? She glared at me this wasn't the Chantal before it was like something switched . "I'm fine I just need to be alone".
      Once we got to Haiti I wanted to stay in a hotel but Chantal insisted we go to this little house on the beach of Haiti.
       First thing she did when she got out of the car was go sit and watch the view of the ocean. "Bruh that ain't the same brat we first met". SAMs said as we watched her sit . He was truly right "yea I know she really cares about her mother. Someone who probably doesn't give a shit about her if it was the other way around".
       She then gets up and walks back inside . "Fuck yawl staring at yawl got some plans or do I have to make my own shit." Tre was liking this new and improved Chantal she was become a savage. I guess it took the mother being kidnapped to trigger it.
       "We were just talking about...." "Moving to slow this man doesn't play. Now look she pulled out her phone. "My father met this guy in little Haiti like shack shit. I know exactly where it is. We can go there tonight. "
        I chuckled "no little girl you give us the directions and we'll go I can't have you out there that's a suicide mission". She grin and got up and stood in my face "you either take me or I don't give you directions". SAMs sucked his teeth "shit fine that's your momma not ours" I looked at SAMs I knew at that moment he'd fucked up.
       She walked over to him smiling . I saw she had a fist balled up. SAMs then said "what you going to do little girl"? She swing but she didn't punch him. She took her hand and with force slice his neck. SAMs fell to the floor chocking . She looked down at him "what you not going to do is call me little bitch" . Then she looked at me "getcho bitch" and walks off.

      The little stuck up Chantal was gone I had no time to play my moms life was in my hands. I just laid on the bed and started to think. I knew she was a bad parent but that was the drugs she couldn't help that. If he killed her I knew I couldn't live with myself.
       There was a knock and then the door opened. It was Tre "you got my nigga throat hurting girl where you learn that"? "Karate class back in the day" he laughed then sat on my bed.
       "SAMs can be a complete jack sometimes he don't mean it". He looked at me in the eyes and I looked at him in his eyes . You know what I wanted to try something . I sat up and kissed him for a Minute he was kissing me back . He then  pushed me back saying "yo Chantal no this is wrong" he didn't move off the bed though. I stood up and removed the robe I had on. Still he didn't move then I laid him back on the bed whole time he could've stop it but he didn't. I climb on top and began kissing him again. This time more passionately . Removing his shirt shit was getting serious and just when I was going for the belt jackass walks in. "Oh shit"! He says Tre flips me off him and rushes out with SAMs behind him grinning. Shit I almost had him.

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