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Pen Your Pride

"You cheated!" (For Jayleen)

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"Let's play a game" Justin,your bestfriend said.

"what kind of game?" you asked as you guys walked into your room.

"Well its like a pillow fight but who ever falls first looses and the winner comes up with a punishment for the loser" he explained.

"OK but we both know I'm going to win" you joked.

"yeah whatever" he rolled his eyes playfully.

You grab a pillow and remove you sneakers and so does he.He bent down to take his second shoe off and you hit his head and ran out of the room.

"First hit!" you yelled as you ran down the stairs hearing him run after you.

"I'm gonna get you!" he warned ad you ran towards the end of the couch and he was on the other end.

"No your not!" you said and ran right past him and hit his face.You laughed and ran into you theater room.

You ran towards the bottom and he was at the top of the seat making his way towards you by the stairs.You stepped onto the seats and ran up the rows and out the door and you heard him groan making you laugh.

You ran upstairs towards your room and get up on the bed.You start to jump on the bed as Justin walked into the room.He frowned.

His frown then turned into a smile as he jumped onto the bed and you fell laughing really hard.You lay on the bed as he jumps singing.

"You cheated!" you laugh

" I win,I win!" you giggled and then kicked his foot causing him to fall on top of you.

His face was plastered in between your breasts and he just stayed there.

"move" you chuckled and lifted his head up.

He chuckles and looks into your eyes.You get lost in his eyes.The eyes you fell in love with.

He closed his eyes and seconds later his lips are on yours.You don't hesitate to kiss back.This was all you have ever wished for.

He pulls away and you blush. He bites his lip and you chuckle.

"Justin,I-I love you" you said and blushed even harder looking down.

"I love you,too" he said and lifted your head up so you'd look at him.

"And always will" he whispered as he kissed you with passion which caused butterflies to erupt in your stomach.


hope you liked!!

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