"I really,really like you" (For Samantha)

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So it was homecoming tonight and you were getting ready.Since you were a cheerleader and had a performance you had to go in your cheer leading outfit.

You took your dress with you in a backpack to change into it after your performance.You did your hair in a loose pony tail and your makeup to match the dress for later.

You make it outside and get in the car.You were thinking about how you do not have a date tonight.

If you were asked who you would like to have as date it would be Justin Bieber.He is the school's lead football player.

He was muscular and not to mention very handsome.You were kind of sad that you don't have a date but you have your friends to hang with.

You reach the schools venue and you hear the music bumping from the inside.You smile and you see the rest of the cheerleaders outside waiting for you since your the main cheerleader.

You walk up to them and say hi and yeah.You go inside and you guys walk to the locker rooms with your bags and place them inside your lockers.

You go back out and all eyes are on you guys.It was time to put on a great show.You guys went on stage and everyone gathered around.

Justin was at the front and he looked at you and smiled.You blushed and looked down.

You told the DJ to start the music and you got to your place.The routine was like a dance/cheer leading kind of thing with tricks and regular dancing.

In the end everyone was cheering.You look at Justin who was clapping.He met your gaze and winked causing you to blush and bite your bottom lip.

You walk back to the locker room with the rest of the squad to freshen up and change.You changed into your dress which was a long strapless red dress with your black heels and accessories.

You freshen up your makeup and pull your hair down which is wavy now that you took your bun out.You smile at you appearance and then sigh and walk out.

You walk around and everything seemed to go in slow motion when you bumped into someone.You look up and it was Justin.

"I'm s-sorry" you stuttered.

"Its OK sweet cheeks" he said.

You blushed and tried to walk away but he grabbed your wrist.You looked at him confused and he smiled.

"Can I talk to you in the back?" he asked and you nod nervously.

You walk to the back with him and he looks at you.

"You look absolutely gorgeous" he said and you blushed really hard.

"Samantha I-I have been looking at you since the begging of the school year.Your gorgeous and not like any other girl I've met.Your different and I like that" he said making you look up at him.

"I really,really like you" he said.

"I like you,too" you said.He smiled.

"Sam can you be my girlfriend?" he asked and your heart fluttered.

"y-yes" you smiled and he hugged you and you hugged back.

He pulled away and kissed you by surprise.You hesitated at first but then kissed back.You were interrupted when the principal saying its time for homecoming king and queen.

Justin pulled away and you blushed as he kissed your cheek.He pulled you towards the front and held onto your hand.

"The homecoming king and queen are Justin and Samantha" he announced you froze.How?

Justin pulled you up on stage and everyone was clapping.

"I told them to vote for us" Justin whispered in your ear.

You giggled as you shook your head.He kissed you cheek and pulled you closer by your waist.


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