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" it's been a long week so let's celebrate! (y/n) is almost all healed and we solved a massive case! Kensi, Nell , ( y/n) you guys go to the mall for a pretty dress. A Nice length one not short. Men you go get something nice. Including you Eric." Hetty said and you all looked at each other confused. " we're going out tonight" Hetty finally said. " ohh" you all said finally getting was Hetty was planing. Kensi let out a little Squeal of happiness. " someone's happy" you say smiling at Kensi. Kensi grabbed you and nells arms. " ready for shopping?" She asks really exited. " I guess" Nell replies and they both look at me. " I'm not the shopping type but ok?" You say looking at them and putting a smile on your face. " cya later alligator " you say giving Tony a kiss. " in a while crocodile" he says laughing and Kensi pulls you and Nell out the door. " I wish I had a relationship like that" Eric says. " you gotta ask Nell , come on dude" Sam says and Eric shrugs. " alright. I will. " he says and cracks his knuckles trying to be cool. " ouch" he says shaking hand in pain. You take the bike to you and Tony's motel and park it inside on a special mat. You put the keys in your purse and  you exit the room just as Tony walks in. " later" you say and climb in the car with Kensi  and Nell. You arrived at the mall and Kensi takes you to a shop filled with different dresses. " this is gonna be fun" you say and Kensi smiles agreeing. " let's go" she says and goes off to find one. You found a nice black dress that was shortish at the front and long at the back. The front came just above your knees. " that's nice" Nell says. " try it on" Kensi says and you shrug. You find your size and go into a changing room. " how am I gonna hide this" you say looking at the gorgeous dream catcher tattoo on your shoulder. You put the dress on. " crap you can see it clearly" you say and shrug. " oh well" you say and walk out. " that looks really nice. You should wear it with your boots" they both say and you nod. You walk back in and put your normal clothes on and your jacket. You put the dress on its hanger and carried it with you ready to pay. Kensi chose a pretty pink dress and Nell chose a beautiful dark blue. You all paid for the dresses and you continued to walk around the mall. You didn't buy anything else but Kensi and Nell brought some jewelry and some other stuff. Two hours of shopping later you all decide it's time to go. Tony left a note on the bed. • hey beautiful, I've gone out with the boys to get something to wear. I'll meet you at the restaurant. Love you lots!• you read and you smile. You put your dress on and your ankle boots. You then put the necklace on Tony gave you. Kensi again pulled in and you climbed in the car. You all arrive at the restaurant and saw the boys cars out the front. " well, let's go" You say and Kensi stands to your left and Nell stands the your right. You walk through the doors and you walk over to the Boys. They all look at you amazed. You realized Sam had his wife with him and callum had a girlfriend, then there was Eric. Eric the loner. Tony looked at you and you looked at him and you smiled. They all stood up and lead you all to a table. You sat down next to kensi and Infront of Tony. You all ordered something to eat then you had to wait. " does anyone want anything to drink?" You ask getting up. " wait (y/n) you have a tatt?" You hear Eric ask. " yes. Yes I do" you say and get your purse out. " it's pretty isn't it" Tony says looking at it. " yeah" he says and returns back to talking to Nell. " back to my question. Anyone want drinks?" You ask and everyone orders a drink. " I'll be back" you say and walk over to the bar. You order the drinks and the man makes them. He puts them on a tray and hands the bill to you. You pay the bill and take the tray.  You take the tray back and hand the drinks out. You sit down with a small glass of Champaign. " is that what I think it is?" Tony asks looking at it. " depends what you think it is" you say and take a drink. " Champaign" he says. " yes it is" you say and he looks at you shocked. " I never knew you drink " he says and smiles. " blame Gibbs for that" you say and smile. your dinner arrives and you tuck in. You finished just as everyone else did. " time to dance" Hetty said getting up and you all got up following. Hetty took you into a highly decorated room with chandeliers and pretty lights. " let's dance" Hetty says and the music starts. Tony grabs your hand and pulls you in close. You smile and let out a small laugh.

AN: I would like to thank all you guys for reading my book so far. I feel I've really gotten into this topic more with your help! I can't believe so many people have read this so far. I didn't think it would get as many reads as it has. I would just like to say again: thank you all for your support by reading! I really appreciate it. <3

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