Chapter Two

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Another somewhat short chapter. I need some feedback, please!

Shane hopped into his car, heading straight for the hospital.

He pulled up within minutes, surprised that no one was outside. He loaded his pistol quickly, for it was better to be safe than sorry. He got out, carefully making his way to the entrance. The place looked abandoned, to say the least. Had they already been transferred to another hospital? 

He walking alongside the wall once he was inside, frowning when he noticed a rotting body laying in a puddle of blood. Well, at least they knew it wasn't just a rumor, though he had believed it anyway. Something that big wasn't going to go on without someone noticing or it being faked.

''Please tell me they got transferred...'' he mumbled to himself as he headed up the stairs to the 4th floor. The power was still on, but he felt like this was the safest way just in case he ran into trouble. He sure didn't need the elevator shutting down on him, either. 

He ducked into Rick's room quickly as all hell broke loose on the hall over. Gunshots echoed through his head. This place must've been overrun or either they were just shooting people for the heck of it.

Sure enough, Rick was still laying in bed. No one had come for him. They had left him to die. ''Rick..'' he trailed off, hanging his head. There was no way he could take him. He would die, there wasn't a doubt in his mind. Shane rested his hand on his bed, sighing quietly.

''I'll keep them safe. I promised you that, and I intend to keep that promise,'' Shane said, figuring he better go before he ended up being walker bait. He looked back one last time, feeling his heart break as he rushed out of the hospital.

He had promised Lori he would keep him safe while they were on the job, but he'd failed.

Shane jumped back into his car before any officers noticed him, or whoever it had been shooting up the hospital. Now he just needed to stop by the station and grab a few guns and ammo, then he would head to Atlanta and hopefully, be reunited with Carl and Lori. He didn't know how he'd be able to bring himself to tell the two he had to leave Rick behind, but he'd cross that road when he came to it.


T-dog frowned when he realized the whole highway was backed up. Many people were running from the scene, but others stayed locked up in their cars. So many people had tried to get into Atlanta in a rush, therefore a few had crashed.

''Looks like we'll be sitting here awhile,'' he mumbled, glancing over at Lori who looked very concerned. She had every reason to.

''What if we don't make it out of here by tonight? It's getting dark already, and it definitely can't be safe out there at night. By the looks out it, Atlanta is a lost cause,'' Lori mumbled, watching as a few people sat down on the pavement behind their cars with tears in their eyes. Maybe they had lost friends or family, or maybe the sight of this all was too overwhelming.

''Then we'll have to stay locked in the car tonight. Shane will be here soon enough, and I'm sure he's got a plan of some sort,'' T-dog replied, looking back at Carl. He was deep in thought, and didn't even appear to be listening to the conversation.

Lori nodded, resting her hand on her head. She was worn out from helping her friend with her daycare earlier that morning, and little did she know that could be the last time she saw her. They didn't get the chance to say goodbye to anyone, no friends, no family. They just had to hope they were heading here too, if it wasn't too late.

She rolled down her window when a young Asian boy knocked on it, frowning a little.

''I'm Glenn. Hope you don't mind random folks walking up to you like this, but I wanted to warn you that there's a large group of biters up ahead. Myself and a few others are heading up off this exit here,'' he pointed, ''You're welcome to join us, looks like the city is just trouble,'' he continued. He was never one to leave people in need, but the other hundreds of people were so panicked they couldn't think straight. These were the only few that acted like they were still sane.

''Thank you, Glenn. I'm Lori, this is my son Carl, and that's T-dog,'' she pointed quickly. They didn't have any time to waste. ''We'll follow you,'' she said, nodded as she rolled up the window. 

''How can you be so sure these people are trustworthy?'' T-dog asked, putting the key back into the ignition and restarted the van. It was there best bet, in all honesty, but he wasn't sure how well this would go, seeing that they didn't know these people.

''I don't, but what else are we going to do? We won't last long out here on our own. I just hope Shane can find us once we settle down somewhere,'' Lori added, leaning back in the seat. There were about 4 cars ahead of them, but she was just glad they had others to rely on.


Glenn stopped the car 15 minutes later, shrugging slightly. ''We'll have to camp out here for awhile, this is all we've got while Atlanta is backed up the way it is,'' he told a blonde girl who had been in the car with him as he gestured for the others to get out. ''Daryl, you and your brother can take watch tonight and we'll all take turns,'' he added.

''We ain't your damn slaves, and I don't take orders from anyone. I'll do things on my own terms, not yours or anyone else's,'' Daryl spat, taking his crossbow as he began scoping the place out, Merle right at his heels.

Glenn rolled his eyes slightly, turning away. ''Lori, this is Carol, Ed, Andrea, Dale, Sophia and Jackie,'' he pointed to the few people that were standing around. The others had gone off to check things out and make sure things were safe.

Carl waved to Sophia, smiling. Hey, at least there was another kid, and she looked about the same age as he was. He wouldn't have to hang out with the adults all the time, now.

''Nice to meet you. I'm Lori, this is my son Carl, and that's our friend, T-dog,'' Lori pointed back to the car where the man was standing. ''How long do you think we'll be staying here?'' she asked. ''I've got a friend that's heading up here now to meet back up with us, and he won't know where we are,'' she said, leaning against a car.

''As long as it's safe, we'll be staying here. We'll have to go look for your friend tomorrow morning, but it's too late for that now,'' Dale added, ''You three can sleep in my RV until we can find a few more tents. I'll take watch tonight, Glenn,'' he said before climbing up on the roof.

''I appreciate it. We'll be getting to bed soon,'' Lori said, walking back to the car quickly and pulled out her and Carl's bag. They had only brought along a couple bottles of water, and they needed to make it last. Who knew how long supplies would last in these conditions along with the fact the Georgia heat was overwhelming at times.  ''Come on, Carl,'' she said, interrupting his thoughts again.

''Coming,'' Carl said, taking his bag from her as he jogged up the RV steps. It was a nice cozy place, or so it seemed. Though, he knew he wouldn't sleep well until he knew Shane and his dad were safe, too.

''Get some sleep now. Tomorrow is going to be a long day,'' Lori said, hoping Shane and Rick were okay and that they would all be reunited tomorrow. She doubted Rick would've woken up from coma so fast, but she had to have faith.

She slowly drifted off to sleep, but was woken by a loud scream minutes later. It sent chills down her spine as she sat up, and Carl had the same expression she did. ''It's okay, I'll go see what happened,'' she whispered.


Daryl shot two walkers with his crossbow, sighing when he realized who one was: Jackie. They hadn't been paying attention, and he blamed himself for it. He should've stayed on watch like he was asked. Hell, Dale couldn't watch the whole area by himself, not out here. 

He shot Jackie in the head to put her out of her misery, and stepped back.

''What was that?'' Lori called from the RV, just loud enough for the man to hear. He was the one with the attitude, so she expected a smart remark of some sort from the man, but that wasn't exactly the case.

''Jackie got bit. Had to put her down. Don't be so damn loud, and get back inside before you end up the same way,'' Daryl said, not exactly very happy at the moment. He hadn't caught anything while he was  out hunting, so he hadn't been mood good anyway before his had happened. ''We'll bury her tomorrow,'' he said, pulling the arrows out of the walkers heads.

Lori nodded, walking back into the RV. ''It's nothing Carl, someone accidently snuck up on Sophia and scared her,'' she lied, not wanting to scare him more than he already was. Hopefully Jackie was buried before Carl saw her body.

''Goodnight,'' she kissed him on the forehead and laid back down on the floor while Carl rested on the couch.

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