Chapter 45

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“Okay can I please go now?” I asked, looking at my dad as he finished his dinner. “I promised them I’d be there a half hour ago!” It was beginning to annoy me. I hadn’t seen them in months and I still hadn’t been allowed to leave.

I squirmed impatiently in my chair as he looked to my grandparents for an answer. It was their house after all, I suppose.

“Will you be out all night?” my dad asked sceptically. He knew what I used to be like, and he always got really mad when I came home in the morning. But I was an adult now, even if I wasn’t legal to drink.

“Oh, Charlotte you just go and have a good time” my grandma smiled insistently, “as long as you take Matt.”

Secretly, I really did want to take Matt although I would never let on to them all that I did. Matt could see this, and I think he had the same feelings as I did. I knew that he wanted to come, for we both wanted to spend time together away from Huntington.

Playing along with their thoughts, I rolled my eyes before looking at him. “Well are you coming or what?” I groaned.

Effectively, he pulled himself up extremely slowly to dramatize it all. “I guess” he moaned.

For a second I had to try and not show on my face that I found it all incredibly funny. We both knew what was going on, and as I thought about it my mom probably thought something was happening, but nobody else did.

He followed me out of the dining room. Behind us, he closed the door.

I looked up to him as I was trying to get my converse on, but failing miserably as I kept on losing my balance and stumbling everywhere. Needless to say I was embarrassed to know that he was standing right in front of me.

“Need help?” he chuckled as he saw hopping around.

Before I could answer, he came over to me and placed my hand on his shoulder so that I could keep still. And of course, it worked.

“Thanks…” I smiled unsurely as he slipped his shoes on. I nervously reached for the handle of the door and pushed it down.

It occurred to me that this was the first time we had been alone without the pressure of getting caught as student and teacher. It was the first time we’d be properly alone since we had admitted our true feelings for each other.

And until we met with my friends, it would be just us. And it was inevitable that we would bring us into the conversation.

We stepped outside and onto the street, as we began walking down towards the park. It was about a fifteen minute walk and so I knew it would be awkward until we got there.

I also wondered what my friends would think of him.

“So, these friends of yours…” Matt began, initiating a conversation of small talk which came as a relief to me. “How old are they?”

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