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Hey guys, It's Caitlyn here and first of I wanted to say im impressed on how many views we're getting 69.7!! Fuck thats so much thank you. Second Izzy and I have decided to spice things up a bit we're going to do preferences on female characters, (don't worry we're still doing male characters)but.. we will be doing females as well Izzy will be doing Daenarys and Margeary and I will be doing Arya and Sansa. Anyway we're writing from the male perspective (for you females think of it as your a o/c one you make up a male) so enjoy.


(Arya Stark:) How you meet: You and Arya met the day you both literally ran into each other it was strange awkward and fun at the same time. You were running through the woods away from the person chasing you and you ran straight into her sending both of you sprawling across the snow. "Get out of my way!" she yelled at you and you grabbed her by the arm "that's very rude of you" you spat "fuck off then" she spat back. "Make me" you smirked she swung her sword upwards pressing it against your chin "I will slit your throat if I have too but.. I don't think you really want me too. She smirked back "fine you win my names Y/N" you replied she lowered the sword "Arya i'm Arya" she replied.

What you and her do in your free time: Arya and you usually sword fight she enjoys beating you and usually you let her win mostly because she's in a good mood and will sit on your lap or cuddle up to you afterwards only because she's in a good mood from winning plus you like seeing her happy.

First Kiss: It was very shy and quick but.. you weren't complaining, you finally got to kiss her and that made you happy. You were arguing about if you cheated in the last sword fight you had truth be told you didn't cheat she just happened to slip on your foot that wasn't your fault but she was mad at you all the same. She was walking through the forest ahead of you "HOW WAS IT MY FAULT!!" you exclaimed "YOU TRIPPED ME ON PURPOSE" she shouted "NO I DIDN'T" you yelled "YES YOU DID" she argued it went on for about a minute before you pushed her into the tree and crushed your lips against hers. She gasped but.. shut up the rest of the walk and you caught her smiling at one point.

First time you felt a real connection: When you and her were hunting, you both dove for a rabbit and your hand brushed against hers. She pulled away immediately you couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day and she was bright pink afterwards.

First time you went all the way: It had been almost a year since you admitted you loved Arya a day or two after your first kiss and she didn't deny loving you she was shy about it at first but soon you got her to admit it. It was really cold this one night you were by the dying amber flames of the fire and you couldn't stop looking at her she looked at you "why are you looking at me like that?" she asked going pink "because I love you" you replied grinning like a idiot she rolled her eyes "lover boy" she muttered under her breath. "You love it" you teased she scoffed but then smiled snuggling up to you and shivering "are you cold Arya?" you asked she nodded "I know how we can warm up" you smirked. She narrowed her eyes at you "how?" she asked you grinned and ran your hand along the hem of her shirt her eyes widened "no no no" she replied pulling back. You sighed "come on Arya please" you begged "no it will hurt" she growled. "Are you a virgin?" you smirked again she went bright red "don't worry i'll be gentle" you replied and she agreed finally there was a lot of blood and she yelped a lot but she didn't regret it.

Our weddings: You and Arya never married you were always on the run through the forest so you never officialy married her she let you call her your wife and she called you her husband but that's as far as the two of you got while both of you were being hunted by your enemies you could never properly have a wedding and marry officially but just saying you were married and it being true for both you and Arya was enough for you both.

Your children: You had one child a little boy named Jon after Arya's brother. (when you both got older)

Favourite place to do it: Anywhere your not picky neither is Arya.

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