He loves it when...

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Ponyboy- He loves it when you sing. He loves hearing you sing when your working on homework or reading a book. He thinks you have the most beautiful voice.

Johnny- He loves it when you guys hold hands. He loves knowing the fact that your his, he loves just being close to you and having you stand up to his parents.

Soda- He loves it when you work on cars with him. He loves how much you know about cars and the parts.

Darry- He loves it when you cook for him. He loves it when he comes home from a long day of work you have dinner ready.

Dally- He loves it when your with him. He loves knowin the fact that your his. He loves protecting you from others.

Two-Bit- He loves it when you two watch Mickey Mouse and pull pranks. He calls you Minnie and you call him Mickey, he also loves it when you help him pull pranks on the other guys.

Steve- He loves it when you guys talk about cars and trucks. He loves how you help him with the trucks and cars that he works on. He always ends up getting grease on you. But you love it.

Sorry if this is terrible. I tried. It's hard to think because of all of the crap I got going on. Now I got the flu. I just feel like crap. I miss my brother, and a friend of mine. I hope y'all have a good day. ~🐴⚾️🌅

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