3. Roommates

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If you are 're reading this yes it's the same story I just changed a couple of things in the beginning chapters don't worry you didn't get lost lol.

Jess pulls me to the elevator and helps carry my suitcase.

"So how old are you?" She asks.

"18" I say.

"Ripe enough" She says.

I look at her hands. She is not holding a fruit which means she must have been talking about me.

Ripe enough for what?

"Jess!" A group of girls say coming in. I smile at them staying quiet.

"How was your break?"

"I heard you guys stayed with Lexis?"

"Lucky you!"

"How was it?"

The questions keep rolling not giving Jess the time to answer. I look on wondering if Jess is popular or if this is simply how friendly everyone is in college.

The elevator door opens and Jess rushes out with the suitcase pulling me along ignoring the girls.

"Urgh those fake humans! They just act friendly because of the boys especially Lexis, stay clear of girls like that" Jess says and I nod smiling. Thankful to have someone watch my back and advise me. I didn't like trouble and tried to stay away from gossip. It always somehow came back to you, hence why I stayed away from friends for so long and was hoping for a new start at college.

We step into the room and I see Jess already has her side decorated and set up, pictures of rock groups plastered all over. But no family picture. Her beddings are all red and black which I loved as those were my favorite colors. Another good sign.

"I arrived yesterday" She says in explanation to which I nod looking around.

      It was a cute tiny room with a bed on each side and a locker for clothes. A window separating both sides, sits at the middle on the far end.

"The toilet is just down the hall to the right and the laundry room is to your left down the hall, oh you need 2 dollars 50 cents to do laundry" She says to which I nod.

Her phone pings and she looks at it smiling.

"Okay let's get you unpacked so we are not late," She says.

"Late? For what?" I ask confused.

"I'm going out with a couple of friends" She says packing her hair into a ponytail adding,

"If you'd like to come of course,forgive my manners"

"Where are you going?" I ask.

"Hells corner, it's a haunted house" She says sitting on her bed.

I was awkward around new people as I had stayed away from people except my family for a number of years, my only other friend was my brother James's best friend whom I looked at like a brother. Coming to college I had hoped for a new start to make new friends but now that I was faced with the opportunity I wanted to back out. Plus I didn't like horror movies why on earth would I go to a haunted house?

"Don't we have our floor meeting today? Plus there's the school welcoming party for freshmen," I say finding an excuse to decline politely as I hug myself.

"The floor meeting is tomorrow and you have me so you don't need to go, there's nothing really important passed on except well no smoking or drugs or drinking in the rooms and quiet hours are 10-7," She says.

"I don't do that, and I'm quiet," I state seating on my bed.

"Then you are good! Plus no one goes for parties organized by the school except freshmen and predators," She says looking like it was the worst thing anyone could ever suggest to her.

"Predators?" I ask not understanding her meaning.

"The football team looking for gullible freshmen," She says in explanation.

"ahh" I state nodding in understanding.

"We just need to get you unpacked then we can leave," She states probably misunderstanding my "ahhh" as an agreement to go.

"I can't go" I say realizing I needed to be clear.

"Why? Are you scared?" She asks grinning.

"What?...yes" I say deciding that was a safer option than saying I was scared of being unaccepted by her friends.

"Hera there's nothing to be scared of, it's a fun experience and you shouldn't let fear stop you from experiencing new fun things, it's like saying you choose to be a virgin because you are scared of having your heart broken," she says.

"Not every virgin is a virgin because of fear of heartbreak" I state not liking the open comment.

"Why are you all prickled...except...Hera are you a virgin?" She asks looking at me suspiciously.

"What?!" I say shocked at her bluntness.

"Ah, you are," She says chuckling and clapping her hands in glee.

"I never said that!" I say quickly.

"Yet, you never denied it," She answers a grin on her face.

"Why, do you have something against virgins?" I ask.

"What? Me? Nooooo, I love virgins," She says placing emphasis on the no.

Is she a lesbian? I worry, wondering if I had to change rooms. Not because she was a lesbian which I had no issue with, but because I've heard of same sex roommates who came onto their roommate, I know not all were like that so hopefully Jess isn't.

"Everyone was once one nothing to be ashamed over," She adds and I nod in agreement, smiling.

"Back to the haunted house, you should come, it'll be our bonding event!" She says.

      I stay silent and start unpacking with her help, after which we go through the roommate agreement together.

Hours later, I finish unpacking and lay on my bed to rest when Jess steps in, her towel wrapped around her and her bath items in her hand.

"Why aren't you ready?" She asks.

"I am not going," I answer.

She drops her bath basket, walks over to my bed and sits next to me.

"Hera don't let your fear rule you, you'll be ok I promise plus it's not just us two, my friends will be there," She says.

Realizing my only option was the truth I contemplate being honest.

"It's not that" I say.

"Then what's wrong? You can trust me." She says.

"What if, what if they don't like me?" I say timidly.

"Don't worry my friends would love you and they are not judgmental" She says smiling as she pats my shoulder.

"Fine but I need to be home by 1," I say.

"Yes Cinderella, now go shower," She says laughing.

"Here wear my slippers," She adds handing me her slippers which  I take grateful for her kindness. You really should never judge people by how they dress, Jess was definitely not a mean girl.

I open the door to the room after taking my shower and lose my balance slipping on something. I scream as I slide, my towel falling off and shut my eyes ready to feel pain but instead feel arms wrap around my naked body stopping me from falling.

"Thank you Jesus" I say in relief.

"Jesus? I've been called a lot but that's a first" a male voice with an English accent says.

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