Chapter One Hundred Twenty One

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A joyous occasion such as an engagement, one would believe would call for a celebration, however, Anora and Charlie found their celebration cut short with all the work that needed to be done around the sanctuary. Of course, they were congratulated by everyone in the sanctuary, but everyone knew that it was going to happen.

It was back home that the two were slightly dreading.

They knew if they set an owl home telling everyone that they were engaged that everyone was going to be furious with them. The Forney family and the Weasley family would be out for blood. So with work distracting them, the two were glad as they tried to devise a plan so that their families wouldn't be so angry with them.

The Romanian Sanctuary was getting ready to welcome fellow dragon handlers that were coming from reserves from all over the world. They were there to mainly observe Roscoe and Norberta who were becoming quite famous as the first trainable dragons.

"I wouldn't call them trained." Anora argued one morning wiping blood on the front of her shirt. Roscoe nudged her from behind nearly knocking her to the ground, but she caught herself. But Norberta joined in the fun by tripping Anora with her tail.

"You two...ow." Anora just accepted defeat and laid on the ground pretending to be dead.

Roscoe waited for her to move, but when his handler remained still with her eyes closed, Roscoe moved his head closer to her. He nudged her body with his snout but she didn't move.

"Stop messing with him." Charlie called from where he sat. "You're going to get him all upset. We do not need a dragon of his size upset."

Anora ignored Charlie's warning, resisting the urge to laugh as Roscoe continued to nudge her. Suddenly, Norberta used her tail to whip Anora on her leg.

"OW! Fudge!!" Anora cried out before growling in Norberta's direction.

Charlie looked up from his writing to the scene of the three. Instead of Norberta holding her head up proudly, he watched as the younger dragon took a step back as Anora lashed out at her.

"What in the..." Charlie set his things aside as Norberta lowered her head, with some snapping of her jaw, but seemed timid.

Roscoe popped out one of his wings creating a barrier between the two females as Anora stood up and walked off towards Charlie.

"Damn that really hurt!" Anora said holding onto her leg.

"Did you not just see what I saw?" Charlie asked with wide eyes.

"You mean Norberta being a total bitch...yes I saw!" Anora huffed. She pulled up her pants leg. "That's going to leave a mark."

Charlie shook his head. "I'm not talking about that! I think you just intimidated Norberta."

Anora looked at him as though he had grown a second and third head. "Are you insane? She's a dragon, she's more than capable of killing me at this time. She is not intimidated by me."

"She looked about ready to submit to you..."

Anora shook her head. "No way. I know you all joke around that I'm part dragon...but that's ridiculous. Although, I am wicked freakin' leg hurts."

"Do you want Sebastian to take a look at it?"


Charlie stood beside Anora as they arrived to Sebastian's home to get her leg looked at. But as they knocked they heard shuffling inside.

Anora looked to Charlie who shrugged, when finally the door opened, but it was Magnus who opened it.


"Hello!" Magnus greeted the two. "Ooooh see you got yourself a nasty gash there, what happened?"

"Norberta was feeling a little naughty and whipped me." Anora told him. "Is Sebastian here?"


He moved out of the way to let the couple inside.

Sebastian walked out of the backroom, pulling a shirt on over his head.

"What the hell is going on here?" Charlie whispered to Anora.

"I have no idea." Anora said. "I'm too busy internally screaming right now."

"Hey..oh...look you got hurt again." Sebastian said noting the nasty mark on Anora's leg. "Who gave you that one? Norberta?"


"Well, lucky for you, I have some fresh healing ointment, so take a seat."

"Why did Norberta attack you?" Magnus asked curiously walking over to them.

"Because I exist." Anora answered flatly.

Magnus chuckled.

"Anora was playing with Roscoe...Norberta doesn't understand play yet." Charlie said. "She's trying though. But I think she's afraid of Anora now."

"She's not afraid of me. If she were afraid of me, she wouldn't have whipped me with her tail..GAH!" she cried out as the ointment stung. "A warning would have been nice."

"This is going to sting a bit." Sebastian smiled up at her.

"A little delayed there, Sebs."

Magnus sat next to Charlie.

"Have you two told your families yet?"

Charlie shook his head. "No...we haven't."

"You know the longer you wait-"

"Trust me, we know." Charlie said. "I don't think Anora and I ever expected to go this long without anyone knowing. No one knows we were even dating...only my brother Bill."

"I'm sure they'll be thrilled at the announcement." Magnus reassured him.

"After they're angry for a bit...perhaps."

"Well, I highly suggest taking some time off here and going there soon. Perhaps before Anora actually gets really hurt."

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