Chapter Twelve

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Hazel watched in shock as Annabeth thrashed in her bed. The sheets wrapped around her like a cocoon. Sweat beaded her neck and her face was contorted into a fearful and pained expression. She screamed Percy's name like his life depended on it. Which, in her dream, it probably did.

"Do something!" Malcolm yelled, breaking Hazel from her trance. Hazel rushed forward, grabbing Annabeth by the shoulders.

"Annabeth!" Hazel screamed, "Wake up! Your safe! Percy's safe!" Annabeth seemed to only scream louder.

Hazel released her and looked at her for a moment. What happens when Percy gets nightmares? She thought. Annabeth's always there. She's the only one to calm him down. "I got it!" She yelled.

She ran towards the door and grabbed the handle before remembering that Percy couldn't move from his bed. She turned back to Annabeth, fishing a drachma (which Jason had given her) from her pocket.

"Mist!" She screamed, "Rainbow! Something!" The Athena kids scrambled, picking up objects only to drop them again.

"I got it!" Malcolm yelled, handing Hazel a mirror and a spray bottle.

Hazel positioned the mirror by the window, allowing the sun to hit it. She then sprayed the water, making a slight rainbow, and throwing the drachma through. "O-Oh F-F-Fleecy do me a s-s-solid, show me Percy Jackson at Camp Half Blood," Hazel stuttered out, forgetting some of the words.

The image shook and Percy appeared. Will was standing to the side, adjusting the tubes connected to him. Percy seemed to be irritated about something.

"Percy!" Hazel yelled, causing both boys to jump. Percy winced. "Sorry," Hazel continued, "but it's Annabeth."

Percy peered over Hazel's shoulder and a look of realization dawned on his face.

"Annabeth!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, grimacing in the process, "Annabeth! Wake up, please!"

"Percy!" Annabeth screamed back, thrashing even more.

"Annabeth," Percy said more calmly, "it's okay. I'm right here. Right here. We're out. Your fine. I'm fine, Annabeth."

Annabeth's screaming stopped. She took shaky breaths for a moment before she started muttering, "No,no,no," over and over again.

"Annabeth," Percy said softly, "We're out of there. Please, Wise Girl."

At the sound of her nickname she fell still. After a few moments her eyes fluttered open and she shot upright, breathing heavy.

It took her a moment to notice Percy but when she did, tears fell down her face. "Y-y-you were...." She trailed off and started sobbing loudly.

Hazel looked back to Percy. His expression was guarded. But Hazel could tell there was pain in his eyes. Physical pain. Pain for his loved one. Pain because he couldn't get out of bed and run into her cabin and hold her in his arms.

"Annabeth," he muttered, voice cracking, "I-I can't come to you. B-B-But Hazel will lead you to me. O-Okay Wise Girl?"

Annabeth only nodded, probably not trusting herself to speak. Hazel swiped her hand through the IM and helped Annabeth stand on her shaky legs.

The Athena kids stared in shock but made way for them to pass through. Hazel led Annabeth to the Big House, giving her support.

Once they reached the door, Annabeth rushed in. Hazel followed at her heels. They found Percy waiting for them (Will left), arms shaking but open, ready to embrace his Wise Girl.

She fell into his arms, sobbing onto his shoulder. "Shh," he said, "Shh, everything's okay."

  Between breaths, Annabeth gasped out, "Y-Y-You w-w-were being t-tortured b-b-by him. I-I c-c-couldn't h-help y-you. Y-You screamed s-so l-l-loud. Gods, y-you w-were in so m-much p-p-pain Seaweed Brain and I c-c-could only watch!"

They both had tears streaming down their faces. Hazel felt like her feet were glued to the ground as she watched her heroes in their broken state.

No, she thought sternly, no, not broken. Just damaged. They're invincible.

Hazel truly believed that. That nothing on Earth or hell could break those to. Because as long as they're together, they could do anything.

A/N Sorry, there wasn't much in this chapter. I just felt like I made Percy too broken and I wanted to show that Percy wasn't THAT weak. That Annabeth was effected too and that they both still had hero left in them.

Disclaimer: I do not own ANY PJO or HoO characters.

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