Next day**

I pushed the cover off of my head rising up stretching my arms.I stopped stretching looking around weirdly because I remember being on the beach not in my room.I got up walking in the bathroom splashing water in my face when I saw a note saying " It got cold so I called Sean to open the door ..-Chris".I smiled to myself reading the note over and over until I realized what I was doing.I tossed the note to the side going to close the bathroom door.When I did I fell back to the door releasing my stress.When I got myself together I turned the shower on removing my clothing and putting my hair up in a pony tail.I closed my eyes as the steaming hot water hit my back making it feel like a massage was being done.I put soap on my hands closing my eyes washing my face letting the soap soak in .I jerked my head under the water rubbing all the soap off gently.I sung the song Bliss getting all into it like I was performing.My arms moved back and forth acting like I had a mic in my hand.I held my heart as If I was singing the words to someone special . I then switched the song to Trust and Believe.The beat played in my head as the words flown out.I snapped my fingers singing the words like I meant it and a small part of me did.I finished up my singing and continued to wash off.I turned the shower off grabbing a towel wrapping it around me.I brushed my teeth before walking out the bathroom to find clothes.I went to my bags not even paying attention until I looked up to find Chris laying back on the bed messing with his phone laughing.I held the towel on me tighter lifting up from the bags.

"You heard me huh "

"All that singing and that big mouth yeah who didn't hear you ahaha "

" whatever haha " I said while throwing a shirt at him

"You look real good in a towel"

"I look good everything " I said snapping my fingers

"But you would look way better if you took that towel off " he said breathing harder than he already was

"Wow Chris you are so easy to turn on I didn't even have to do anything "

"Naw it's just easy for you to turn me on ... But you only"

"Naw your just easy"

"Stop acting like you not easy to turn on when it comes to me "

"It's not bruh haha"

"Is that a challenge ?"

"No that's just facts "

"This is most definitely a challenge"

"Nope it's not but all I have to say is that your a easy target "

Before he could defend himself his phone rung.I think it was a FaceTime call because he didn't put the phone to his ear.He waved saying "What Babe ?.I rolled my eyes already knowing who it was .I held my hand up face palming Chris continuing to look for clothes.I picked out a red holter top with a black varsity jacket , black skinny jeans with red and white colored Lebrons. I cupped the clothing in my arms heading back to the bathroom.I dropped the towel to the floor putting my clothes on and taking my hair down from the pony tail.Since it got wet it was incredibly curly . I didn't feel like doing it so I put a beanie on.I applied some lotion on my hands and then sprayed this perfume called Malibu.I didn't put on to much make up I kept It natural.I hung my towel up and walked out the bathroom to Chris still face timing with Rihanna.When I was about to go sit down I thought of a better idea.I innocently went over to Chris but he wasn't paying much attention because Rihanna.I smirked crawling up his legs lifting his shirt up rubbing his abs semi hard.He breathed in blurting out "Damn girl ! " but played it off telling Rihanna he was amazed by how she looked today.I kissed up and down his chest making him squirm and curse.I held my laugher back as he put the phone more to his face so Rihanna wouldn't see me.I tried getting off of him but he trapped me with his legs pulling me to him.Damn this was a bad idea because I was stuck.He quickly hung the call up throwing his phone to the floor.I attempted to get out of Chris trap but he tighten up reversing hisself on top of me .I surrendered because he was stronger than me.We were just laying their admiring the views we had of each other."Chris my neck hurts " I said with my sad face.He got up pulling me onto his lap.He roughly jerked my shoulder constantly saying "You need to loosen up".I breathed in and out trying my best to relax.He pushed his thumbs in my back massaging it actually good."Now I see what turns you on "he seductively whispered .I slapped his leg so he could shut up but that hyped him up more.When he finished I got up feeling way better.I said my thank you's and was getting ready to walk off but he stopped me by saying "Don't I get something in return ".I went back over to him giving him a big hug but pulled away quickly when he started to get frisky.He stood up from the bed looking down at me saying "Get on my level baby girl ".I put my hands on my hips activating my sassiness .

"You say get on my level but you didn't seem to have a problem with my height when you was trying to holla"

" I was never trying to holla , I was just trying to smash"

"Oh really then who said "Blossom your everything I ever wanted ?

"........ "

"Yeah that's what I thought sweetie I put you on mute"

"Alright you won this battle " he snickered

"I win every battle "

"Not this one "he said trying to tickle me

I ran out the room with Chris chasing after me.I went up and down the hall ways trying to hide before he gets a hold of me.I peeked out the window and my mom car was gone.Tyga and Sean must've went with her.They should've taken me with them.I shrugged making my way to dinning room watching for Chris.Just when I thought everything was clear he came running up swooping me In his arms laying me on the dinning room table.Tickling the life out of me.I've haven't laughed this hard in like forever.He finally stopped bringing me down from the table.Once I got off he jumped up.He watched me as I searched the cabinets for wine.I was in the mood for a alcoholic beverage. I found a bottle of red wine , I was so happy.Chris grabbed two glass cups.I pranced back in the room setting the bottle of wine down and opening my laptop.I haven't been on twitter in a long time.I logged in and my mentions was full of questions.I didn't answer any of them.I simply tweeted "Ustream ? "I got replies in a quick second saying yes.I went on the website logging In sharing my Ustream channel name on twitter.I was shocked an flattered on how many people tuned in.I tried to read the chat but it was going super fast.I was giving shout outs to the people who asked.The main question was "why did you and Chris break up".I laughed avoiding the question but saying "He's still my best friend".Chris put his head in the camera making comedy faces. Team Breezy was doing the most.Chris wrapped his arms around me resting his head on my arm reading what everyone was saying.He kissed my cheek making everyone laugh at my expression.They were asking if I heard the song and I shook my head yes.Someone said I bet Blossom can dance better than Chris in Love more .I clapped my hands agreeing to what they were saying.Chris shook his head no denying it.I got up throwing my hands up stating "Leggo then".Chris moved the chair out the way so everyone can see us on the camera.He plugged his phone up to the speakers and played Love more loud as ever.I pushed Chris back out the way making my way to the middle of the floor getting off to the song.I did a routine I made up in my mind and Chris was taking it all in quite well.I got closer to him flaunting my skills off literally right in his face.I grabbed his pants taunting him a little shaking it like red nose when he stopped me.I moved back to give him space to dance.He did his moves but I think I won.He did extra trying to show off.I stopped the song going on back to the laptop to see what everyone was saying.They were all excited to the max.Everyone said it was a tie , since its a tie were going have to have a tie breaker.Chris came over by me reading what most of Team Breezy was saying.He said "Tie breaker okay suggest a song".They suggested a lot of good songs but they were mostly saying sexual songs.I laughed hard at what "breezyforeverxoxo said because she reminded me of myself.She said "Chris was drooling when you was dancing Bloss he's so easy to turn on".I explained what had happened earlier about the turning on situation.Chris said no to everything I said.But finally asked "What turns you on Blossom".When he asked that all of Team Breezg asked to.I slightly giggled turning my head because he's been wanting to ask that question on camera for a long time .I thought about it but said I wasn't going to tell any of them.They all whined about it I tried to change the topic but they were still on it.I then said "Okay I will reveal my biggest turn on after we finish this dancing.Chris was thrilled; he put the chair in the middle of the floor making me sit down.I had no idea what he was about to do.He went over to his phone looking for a song.He took his shirt off throwing it to the floor.What in the world is going on here.He pushed play walking over to me.He put on 2012 which happens to be one of my favorite songs by him.He didn't waste no time he got right to the grinding.I think I'm getting a lap dance right now.He was on me body rolling and grinding so close and personally.I'm not gonna even lie I'm so loving this.Rather Chris knows it or not my biggest turn off is when a guy can dance especially like this.I grabbed the back of his shirt pulling him closer to me.When I started to lick my lips he got faster and faster making me suck my stomach in and my body to rise up.I rubbed all over his chest.At this point I forgot all about the ustream. He lowered his head to my hand kissing all the way up making my fingers tingle.He came up to my face getting ready to kiss me but before he could I stood up making him get off of me.I changed the song to DUI by Ciara.He sat down trying to catch his breath.I booty walked over to him climbing on top of him doing exactly what he was doing to me but slower so he could feel the movements and understand.Because they say you can acknowledge a person whole story from any dance move.I tightened my muscles popping my stomach side to side then back to the front I took my jacket off getting off of him.I went down doing the splits and went backwards with my legs in the air but back up on my feet.I went In circles around the chair.I kicked my foot up on his shoulder swaying my hips.I danced some more making him pull me down to the floor burying his face in my neck.Chris snatched away remembering the ustream was on and everyone was seeing this.I raised myself up grabbing my jacket.We awkwardly went back over to the screen where everyone was like "woah".Chris spoke "Now we see what Blossom biggest turn on is"afterwords doing his playful laugh.I winked at the screen exiting out the tab.I closed the laptop getting up from the chair.I went in the bathroom fixing my beanie and hair."You want to go back to the beach Chris?" I said while walking back in the room."Fasho ! " he said.I rolled my pants legs up grabbing my purse and Chris left his shirt off rolling his pants legs up.I made sure I had my keys to the door so we won't get locked out again.We walked on to the beach talking about things to do for tomorrow.It wasn't anyone at the beach surprisingly but I'm glad about that.We sat directly in the water pointing out stuff.We found a star fish.We sat there in the wonderful weather with clouds leaving in the sky and the sun getting ready to go down. I got excited slapping Chris arm trying to get him to look at the dolphins in the water swimming.I picked up my phone trying to record the lovely dolphins ! I cut the recording off because they already disappeared.I smiled getting up from the water going to the sand spinning around like a princess .I got my finger drawing my name big.But eventually the water erased it all .I crossed my legs looking at Chris."It's cold in this bitch"he shouted ."Get out the water then crazy"I shouted back.He ran towards me doing that leg thing that Miguel does all the time.I pressed my hand against his chest for him to lay back.When he did I laid face first on top of him."Your tattoos I said while looking down at his arms.

"What about them ?"He asked

"I want one." I carefully said

"Why ..?"

"Because I like yours "

"No you don't need any "

"Why not !"

"I like your smooth clear skin"

"I just want a small tattoo on my hand.."

"Of what ?"

"I want CB "

"Haha CB well then I'm going to have to get BB

"I hope you know CB means to be Crystal Blossom... Not Chris Brown"

"Yeah I knew that.."

"What does BB mean ?"

"Bubble Butt "

"Haha you stupid !"

"We'll you know "

"But forreal what does it mean ?"

"You really wanna know ?"

"Yes if I didn't I wouldn't be asking "

"Blossom Brown.."

"Cute but shouldn't it be Rihanna Brown?"

"Very funny " he said sarcastically

"When is her due date anyways?"

"I don't know she never told me and I never asked "

"Why did you do it ?"

"Do what ?"

"Get her pregnant why didn't you use a condom ?"

"It wasn't intended the condom broke and we didn't stop ..."

"Chris that day when you were with her I called you and I heard everything and by everything I mean moans and what not .."

"Yo forreal ?"

"Yeah but you know it's cool I guess "

I got up off of him changing the subject completely.I dragged my feet in the sand not trying to look back at him.He raised up from the sand grabbing our shoes asking if I was ready to go back to the house.Its nothing he could say.I nodded my head yes leaving Chris behind.I didn't want to walk with him I need sometime alone.Snce I don't have any shoes on I'm not gonna go to far.This is really crazy one minute everything is fine and then the next minute it's like everything crumbling.Chris wants to act like everything is okay and for me to pretend none of this ever happened.I may flirt and tease him but that seriously doesn't mean anything.What does he want me to do not care he possibly has a baby or he's about to have a wife.That is something that I can't look pass.When I said I wanted to be friends I may have not seemed like I meant it but I most definitely do.I was halfway down the street , I turned around putting my hands in my pockets walking back.Chris was waiting for me by the door.I grabbed my shoes unlocking the doo entering the house.

I glanced on the refrigerator for a Chinese Restaurant number.I didn't have the desire to go to the place it self and pick it up so I got it delivered.The entire house was quiet but loud with tension.I waited in the living room for the delivery to arrive.These people are taking forever.Just when I was about get up and go in the room with Chris I heard a knock at the door.I picked up my money opening it.The guy has a vase of flowers along with the Chinese food."Delivery for a Blossom Brown".I laughed while shaking my head.I handed him the money but he did not accept it because everything was already payed for so I just collected our Chinese food and my flowers.I closed the door with my foot going to the room.Chris always finds some kind of way I said with a half smile.......


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