1. Stars

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My earth, my moon, my stars

No-one sees in you what I do.

The galaxy swirls in your eyes

But others see only darkness.

They see a black hole

Devoid of love and honour

Lacking warmth and compassion

But only I know the truth.

I see the pain in your heart

I see the lonely child

Hidden in your past

Afraid he is never good enough

I see the suffering you endure

Then and now hurting you more.

You are strong, you hide it well

But not from me.

Because as you are to me

I am to you

The earth, the moon, the stars

As it is supposed to be.

They can say we shouldn’t be

They can try to keep us apart

But nothing will ever stop me

From loving you for all eternity.

We were made to love one another

We were made to understand

To care and feel and hold each other

Until the stars collapsed and the earth was black

It would be too cruel to know

This love and lose it.

To never see you again, or hear your voice

To never be with you.

I could suffer the pain and separation

To only be your friend

To never mean more

If you would only stay with me

We must fight. For us. For love.

We must understand and forgive

Because without our love, without you

The stars would die in my universe.

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