I must....for her

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I dreamt of a man that night as I relaxed under my sheets and blankets; but he was no ordinary man...he had piercing red eyes and was tall and dressed in all black. He came closer to me and lifted my face with his thumb and forefinger, forcing me to look deep into those crimson pools where his eyes should have been. I could have fainted right then and there, but I couldn’t, seeing as this man could do whatever he wanted to me if I even so much as let my guard down. Heat rose up to my face as his other hand snaked its way around my waist followed by his arm which pulled me closer to him. He mumbled my name into my ear causing me to shiver, then it grew louder, and louder, AND louder until he was basically screaming at me.

I shot up out of my bed to find my younger roommate, Aya, standing next to me with her arms crossed and tapping her foot at me.

“Get up Midori or else you’ll be so late for work you won’t have time to eat breakfast!” She yelled while pulling me up off my floor bed.

Aya was only 7 and she was already way smarter than me and a better cook than me; I couldn’t even cook a pop tart without fucking up the toaster and I’m 17 for god’s sake! Aya threw me in the bathroom and shut the door…she had already got my outfit and my shower water ready for me; isn’t she sweet? I showered, brushed my teeth, and dressed as quickly as possible and rushed into the kitchen of our apartment to eat breakfast. Our apartment was a small and dingy little thing, the landlady said a crack addict use to live here until she kicked his ass out and she would show us another room if we liked but we need something besides a cardboard box to live in and something we could afford, so this is what we ended up getting. The rent was $120 a month, or $1440 a year, for single people but for single parents it was $24 a week which is what I pay. My pay check is $75 a week which leaves me $51 a week to spend on Aya. I lied and said Aya was my daughter and that the father bailed on us just so we could live here cheap but, in reality Aya was a kid on the street I picked up after my parents died and I was pretty much evicted from my old house for not being able to pay bills which was about 3 years ago. I signed her up for school and I finished high school and used my parents’ death money to get into college and the rest of their death money was going to be used to put Aya through college as well. This makes this story sound all happy doesn’t it…well it’s not…having to use the floor for a bed, a box as a table and crates as chairs isn’t a good way to have to live with a child although, Aya didn’t seem to mine it, I did.

Aya packed me a lunch for work and we both headed out of the apartment. I checked the mail then took the letters out of the box and put them in my butt pocket.

“Midori…aren’t you going to read the mail?” Aya asked me while grabbing onto my hand.

“I will on my lunch break Hun…now you have a good day at school ok?” I said while walking her to the bus stop.

She giggled and ran up the bus stairs and too her seat and she waved out the window to me and I waved back. I sighed to myself and walked to city bus stop and waited for the bus to come so I could go to work.

“That little girl is going to accomplish something great in life.” I thought happily to myself as the bus pulled up and I hopped on.

I took multiple deep breaths promising myself that I wouldn’t spazz on my boss today and get fired…because I never bite my tongue when it comes to douche bags and he was the definition of a fucking douche bag. No one has a stick up their ass worse than William T.: Manager of Walmart.

As I hopped off the bus, I kept thinking of how much I needed this job and how much Aya needed me to have this job. I walked in and promised myself that today William would see beyond my best and hopefully none of my worst.


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