7.16. Adam or Iblees?

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Chapter 7.16. Adam and Iblees

Nauman's POV

"So it was a bad day, yeah?"

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"So it was a bad day, yeah?"

"Everyday is a bad day" his voice was hoarse, words pain laden and tone tired.

I looked up from the book open wide in my lap; he was still in the bed, his forehead in bandage, lower lip swollen and a cut was evident near his right nostril. His gaze was permanently fixed on the ceiling above, he looked shattered not because of the accident but the bruises seemed far deeper than the skin.

"that's okay son! Life gets snotty sometimes. Don't take it to your heart"

"My life sucks" it was a gritted whisper, dry emotionless and for a moment I just looked at his face trying to get to know but than I dropped the thought. I didn't want to drag those already tattered things.

"So what if this life isn't perfect, its not Jannah" I stated and he looked at me, for the first time his gaze detached from the ceiling and I smiled showing him his book.

"you have written it here, your words am repeating"

"Its not mine, neither are they my words" he looked back on the ceiling as I frowned.

I got up from the chair, kept his Quran on the side table. "Then whose book is this?" for a few moments he remained silent.

"Iblees" I looked at his face in utter confusion as he uttered. "Iblees's book"

"Iblees? You mean Satan. How can he carries Allah's book?" I asked with a little chuckle. This boy was surely interesting, there was something in him, his eyes spoke more than words.

"Iblees he hea wo; ghuroor kerne wali, fakhar kerney wali apni ibadat per, apney sajdon per Khuda se muhabbat per akerrne wali Iblees. Adam ko hakeer samajhney wali Iblees. Wo Iblees he hea...." I gawked at his face, I couldn't decide it was hatred or pain in his words.

It was definitely pain as a tear slowly escaped his eye.

"I need to get back home" his voice interrupted my thoughts, he winced a little as he tried to get up and I quickly held him by shoulders making him sit in the bed.

"you can take rest if you want" I offered but he remained quiet and with a little difficulty he got his feet down the bed, his breaths became a little heavy already as he stayed there for a few moments.

He glanced down at the wrist watch and then his hand raked through his hair."Shehry must be worried. Its too late"

"I couldn't find your phone, or else I would have informed someone in your dialed list" I explained, he was standing already.

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