Chapter 44

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I knew exactly what I wanted to do as soon as we arrived in Las Vegas. Having visited a lot when I was younger, I had made quite a few friends there.

Sitting in the car, trying to avoid Matts frequent and numerous attempts to annoy and tease me, I pulled my cell out of my pocket and sent text messages to Midge, Linds, Julia and Fallyn consecutively.

I was pretty excited to see them, for we hadn’t spoken since before summer vacation. Josh had gone to Vegas to visit our family, but I couldn’t because of the fact I was grounded for the entire three months that we had off.

But I couldn’t help but wonder if Matt would come with me, or if my dad would make me take him. I mean, technically he was my teacher…but he was sort of my step-brother to them also. The latter kind of made me shudder.

“Are you okay?”  he asked quietly, turning to me. I really wished that he wouldn’t talk to me in such a hushed tone.

Maybe around my mom it would have been slightly better considering she knew things, but around my dad it made me want to crawl into a hole.

It certainly looked suspicious and I felt that they were watching us, wondering what the hell we were talking about.

I nodded. “I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?” I asked him louder, so that if they had noticed the whispering they wouldn’t get suspicious.

“I don’t know…” he trailed shyly, noticing himself that my dad was watching us. “You were shivering before.”

“I’m fine” I told him, rolling my eyes.

Shortly after, I received excited text messages from my friends, telling me how excited they were to see me and where we would meet up.

I had always loved going out with them here, and we always joked that once I turned eighteen we’d be going into the actually centre of town.

But somehow I doubted my dad would let us, regardless of my age.

Usually, we just hung out at the park and got pissed. I was rather looking forward to it, knowing I didn’t have the pressure that I did last time when we were at Jenna’s. In all honesty, I had tried to block most of that out.

“Who’s…M i d g e….?” Matt asked slowly, trying to read the small print off of my cell screen.

“Just my frie-”

“Oh God Charlotte you’re not meeting up with those girls again are you? Can you not at least stay for dinner?” my dad moaned as he overheard mine and Matt’s conversation.

Admittedly, it wasn’t very hard to not hear anyway for we were all in such a confined space.

“Awh, it’s a real shame that Amy couldn’t come now if you have friends” Kim started, once again making everything about her. “You could have introduced them.”

I merely mumbled at her sudden and selfish input.

“Seriously?” my dad asked again, this time looking at me slightly over the mirror. “Tonight?”

“Well,” I began, bracing myself for a rant. “I’ve already text them and we’ve already arranged to meet at the park. And yes, I do have to see them tonight dad. You grounded me for the entire summer and I never got to come visit so I never got to see them and”

“Calm down” my dad said, rubbing him temples. “Just…go…as long as it doesn’t start any shouting matches in the car” he told me. “And take Matt” he added bluntly and with haste.

Trying not to roll my eyes I turned away and nodded.

I was actually sort of glad that I was being forced to take Matt, in a weird kind of way.

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