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*Imigie's POV*

Josh and I were out in the cold, unsure what to do. Here I was, already told them the truth about me knowing about Wendigos and being a Wendigo hunter. And they thought I was crazy, except for Emily, Jess and Matt who knew nothing about it. Josh didn't think I was crazy either because he did somehow find the journal in my backpack.

"We should head back to the lodge," I suggested.

Josh shook his head sadly. I could already tell what his reply would be.

"They think we're crazy," he replied. "I don't know how long it would take for them to realize that I was only planning a prank and that you aren't crazy about the Wendigo stuff."

Something instantly hit me. I remembered in the book that it mentioned where the Wendigos lived, mostly. That didn't even include them being locked up in the sanitarium. It was probably dangerous but anything is better than standing around in the cold.

"We should head for the mines," I said.

He nodded. I knew where the mines were so I led the way, holding his hand so I wouldn't lose him.

We were just only half way there when we heard a scream. This wasn't good at all. The Wendigo had to be heading close to us.

"Don't move," I said.

Josh and I stood still as we possibly could then we saw it. The Wendigo! I was beyond terrified. I could tell that Josh was scared too.

The Wendigo tried to find us but it couldn't catch any sign of movement. It suddenly came dangerously close to us, standing barely a foot away from me.

It took a closer look at me and let out a scream! Oh shit! My ears! That thing is one hell of screamer. I was certain that it would find us and kill us.

Surprisingly, it walked away from us, allowing us to take sighs of relief. Josh and I hugged each other, relieved that we weren't killed. However, Josh seemed to notice something off and I could already tell.

"Fuck," he cursed. "You're freezing."

"You too," I replied sarcastically.

He laughed a bit at my comment but only for a bit.

I took his hand as we continued to journey our way to the mines.

I saw what looked to be a cave but didn't realize that it led to a long hill down.

I slipped and fell down, Josh behind me. We landed on the ground and it didn't take long before Josh was already unconscious. I, too, was slipping in the darkness.

*Unknown POV 2*

I heard two people fall and decided to check on them. I took my sister with me although deep inside, they wouldn't see us.

There was Josh and his now girlfriend Imigie. They looked so peaceful. I even noticed that Imigie had blue streaks in her hair. She looked much thinner too. Man, they changed so much after missing us.

All the things I saw Josh do was not even okay but I still loved him and my sister did too. Even Imigie who was almost tortured still loved him.

Since Josh was our brother, Imigie was our best friend and Josh and Imigie even had a strong connection, we were would have to speak to them.

"They may need to be separated in order for us to give them private words," I whispered to my sister, Beth.

She nodded when we turned away from each other and saw something carefully pick up Imigie.

*Unknown POV 3*

I found a young man and a young woman lying on the ground they seemed awfully familiar but that didn't stop me.

I carefully picked up the girl and sniffed her. I didn't know what this girl was carrying on her but she smelled so delicious. Already knowing that I wouldn't kill her just yet. I didn't want to kill the boy either but I just left him there.

I decided that I should put the girl close to where she would be able to find out what had happened to me. She was quite a clever one.

I placed her down to the ground after I found where I wanted to put her and carefully caressing her cheek with my long ass fingernails.

I let out a soft moan as I carefully comforted her.

"Sweet dreams sweetheart. I want you to find out what happened to me and find him when you wake up. For me."

I turned away from her and headed for the water to find other life forms that could be lurking around in this place that has been my home for a long time.

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