Part 8 - The Girl Who Saw Us Kiss

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I plopped down on my bed thankful that my door was still locked. My mother hadn't found out that I snuck out again tonight. I shouldn't have done it anyway. I just...I don't know what I was thinking. I jumped as my phone buzzed in my pocket. April sent me a photo.

She wrote : Tell me that isn't who I think it is.

I felt my breath halt in my chest as I stared down at the photo. It was what I saw earlier. Great, someone captured it so it would haunt me forever. I sighed and tossed my phone aside. I got up and yanked my shirt off. If he wanted to move on in five seconds then fine, but I wasn't going to get hung up on it. I was the one who broke up with him after all. Me. Not him. I dumped him.


The loser. No one had even known we were dating though. Still, I wondered if there'd been any difference in the way he'd been acting. If he'd been less cheerful than usual. Maybe a little more angry. I sighed and crouched down, running a hand through my hair.

Why the hell was he still running through my mind? Why am I always thinking of him? Why does my heart beat increase as soon as someone mentions him? As soon as I see him? Why...? Why did he kiss that girl? Who was it? Why? When we've only been broken up for a week? 

I got up and exhaled frustrated. This wasn't going to work. I needed to study. I needed to do something. I pulled my pants off and grabbed my bed clothes off of my dresser. He was none of my business anymore. I needed to get used to that. I needed to forget everything we used to do. Everything.

But that's so hard.

How do I forget the way he used to hold me? The way he's run his hands through my hair, or squeeze my breasts. How do I forget him grinning whenever I'd trip act like a clutz. How do I forget his angry face? How do I forget all of that? Do I even want to?

I sighed sitting down on my bed again, my fists clenched on my lap. I lowered my head, letting my hair fall in my face. Whoever that girl was, she was...better than me I'm sure.

Whoever she was...I probably didn't compare at all.



I sighed sitting up in my seat, narrowing my eyes at the board. I was trying to concentrate, but last night kept slipping into my mind. Who was that? Why'd he kiss me? Theories had been developing in my mind since last night.

"Ok, so class is over. The homework is to finish the worksheet. Finish the front and back." I sighed and stood, putting the paper in my binder and picking it up, and holding it against my chest. I lowered my head as I pushed my way through the crowd of people. As I walked through the hall my mind drifted to the one man I could never escape, not that I wanted to. I wanted to see him. Somehow I knew seeing him would make me feel even just a little bit better.

Kadri...why do I want to see you so badly?

I started to sigh, but stopped when someone stopped directly in front of me. Just like that the world shifted, people's heads turned immediately, and I could hear the rumors starting. I looked up to see Jako standing in front of me. I blinked and then looked over his shoulder.

"Thanks for getting in my way. Please move now." I started to brush past him, but he grabbed my arm, stopping me easily.

"Wait, I'm stopping by your house later this evening."


"Your mother invited me over. I was just wondering..." he leaned in and lowered his voice. "Whether or not you wanted me to kiss you again."

I lifted a hand to push him away, but he grabbed my hand, stopping me and clutching my hand to his chest. He leaned down again, and grabbed my chin with his other hand bringing our faces closer.

"Is this about that girl who saw us yesterday?" I asked, my eyes on his amazing one's. He paused, and I could see for a moment he was surprised. Slowly, he drew closer and pressed his lips on my cheek. I frowned at him as he leaned away.

"Maybe, I just like you."

"Or you're heartbroken."

When I said that, I wasn't expecting the reaction I got. His grin faded from his face and I saw it for a second, his broken heart. Any thing else I was going to say got lost as I stared at him and he stared back.

He dropped his hand from my chin and pulled away.

He...was heartbroken?

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