My Mysterious Co-Worker || Harry Styles

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Skylar Moore just graduated high school and is expecting to spend her summer vacation relaxing and having fun with friends. What if her mum tells Skylar that she is to be working during weekdays for the rest of the summer? What if Skylar finds out the she is working with the most avoidable and mysterious person from her school, Harry Styles?

Everybody at school was scared of Harry after a mysterious event that happened a year ago. After that event Harry changed his personality and his looks to resemble a bad boy and nobody knows why. Nobody dares to talk to him since that event and he doesn't talk to anyone except his good mate, Liam Payne.

However, Skylar is not afraid of Harry Styles. Instead, she is rather curious of him. Skylar now is very eager to know the truth about the mysterious Harry but first she needs to gain his trust. Will Skylar and Harry befriend? Will Skylar find out the truth?

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