Chapter 5-Shutdown

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Chapter 5

Maya came up to the hospital the next morning with Riley's competition bag that was already packed. Riley was still sleeping next to Auggie and Lucas stared at her as the sunlight struck her hair. "Luke?!" Maya heavily whispered, his green eyes moved towards the door and tip toed out into the hallway. "Hey, did you stay here all night?"

"Yeah, how does Riley stay asleep with the coughing?" The blonde smiled lightly.

"Something you get used to." He nodded his head slowly. "I've got her bag that her mom texted me about. Is she still planning on going?" Riley popped up behind her friends.

"Yeah, I am." The brunette held onto the picture her little brother drew. "I want everyone to stay here, except you." His green eyes widened. "You're coming with me and facetime him like you promised." Her eyes turned red.

"Are you sure?" The blue eyed girl uttered. "We don't mind coming along."

"I know you don't." Her chin started trembling at the mere idea of losing her little brother. "I want everyone here in case something happens to him and I can't be. Hillary can be there if I place, and i'll come straight back here after my routine." Her shaking hands covered her eyes as tears were released. Lucas' strong arms pulled her into his chest.

"Riles, he's not going anywhere." The blonde uttered while Topanga sauntered towards the 3 friends wiping away her tears.

"It's not looking good Maya." Josh ran out of the elevator and it was clear he had been crying.

"Everyone stays. Got it?" Riley demanded, no one had to say a word, no one even moved, it was understood.

"Sweetheart, you need to get ready." The brunette agreed with her mom but didn't want to leave his arms.

"It should've been me. It should be me." She mumbled and after snatching her bag walked back into his room.


"Are you going to be able to do this?" Even though Riley was completely exhausted she still looked gorgeous. She had her cover ups on and her hair was in a tight pony.

"I just want to get this over with." Lucas stood back and watched the exchange.

"Go into your own world Riley. Your bubble." Hillary passed her a pair of ear plugs. "Don't get cocky, but don't completely fall into your emotions." Riley was an expert at hiding her emotions, everyone besides Mrs. Rodgers told her to do so.

Riley had to cut her off before she continued her speech. "I know. Hillary, i'm not staying for the ceremony and take Lucas to the floor with you please. Auggie needs a good view." The green eyed man stood up and watched his friend take off her cover ups. She looked completely serene, and incredibly gorgeous, her body was covered in navy lace. "Lucas, be ready as soon as i'm done." His lips touched her head, she closed her eyes absorbing one of the few comforts she had right now.

"Of course." Hillary drug him out to the floor and she inhaled deeply, beginning to stretch.

"Is she going to be able to do this?" Lucas questioned.

Hillary glanced at her young protege. "She has to stay in her bubble, at least for this dance. Right now isn't the time for her to give into her emotions, she knows that. But, she is only doing this for Aug and the scholarship."

"Scholarship?" That was the first time he'd even heard of a scholarship.

"Riley donates the $5000 to the CF Foundation every year. Another thing that motivates her." Lucas' fingers ran through his hair and held a small smile. He didn't know about that, but it made total sense. Everything she did, even her most favorite thing in the world, was for someone else.

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