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01 January 2016.

A new year. A new day. And of course a new school.


I have been to about four schools?¿
And this is my fifth. Now my new school is Dawart High School in Seoul. All of this because of my father's work.
Luckily, this time I'm not alone. I have a cousin who attends Hawart High School with me. Her name is Min Mina and she's a year older than me. We're really close, since our other cousins are still little kids.


I woke up early today, because it's my first day of school. I just hope everything will go well.
When i tried on my school uniform,my skirt was a bit tight but what can I do? I just wear it and prepare my school supplies.

I went downstairs and saw my mom waiting for me to come eat breakfast. She made me fried rice and sausage. Damn, my favourite breakfast. I checked my watch and it's already 07:10, and my classes start at 8 am. I quickly finish my breakfast and bid my mom goodbye.

"Mom I will walk to school today. I'd like to know more about this neighborhood. Bye, I love you." I said and kissed my mom on her cheeks.

I went to the front office to ask about my schedule and my courses. I wonder if Mina is here or not? I should've came to school with her today. Sigh.
After that, I continued to search for my new class.

A-3. Yes, finally I found it!
I went inside, but it was empty. Probably because it's still early. I chose the seat at the last row and decided to read manga to kill my time.


"Ahem, excuse me, young lady."
someone said and knocked on the table. I must've dozed off, silly me.

"A-ah yes?"
I asked politely. Inside, I was awed by his attractiveness. He's so handsome!

"This is my seat, young lady. You can sit somewhere else."
He said with a smirk and damn he's even better looking when he smirks!

"Oh,  I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, I will take a seat somewhere else."
I said and stood up quickly, but he grabbed my wrist.

"No, it's okay. You can sit here. Beside me. No one sits here."
What? How can no one sit next to him? He looks so nice. I guess I will sit beside him, then.

The guy took his seat and rested his head on the table. I checked my watch and it's 7:40. I have got 20 minutes 'till class starts, so I prepare my things for first period.

"Good morning, class." A woman walked into the class. I guess she's our teacher.

"Class, we have got a new student. Please come to the front of the class and introduced yourself."
She said with a smile.

I walked to the front and introduced myself. I didn't feel any nervous because I've been doing this for many times.

"Hello, my name is Min Ara. Call me Ara. It's nice to meet you all."
I said nicely and bowed. They all nodded and smiled, so I smiled back. My new teacher, Mrs Kim, asked me to go back to my seat.

I snuck a glance at the boy beside me, and he was still asleep. Didn't he know that class started? I tried to wake him up, but he just said "don't disturb me." so I ignored him and focus on the lesson.


I tried to write my notes, but my pen seems to have ran out of ink. I can't believe it's out of ink because I bought it yesterday!

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