Chapter Four

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Five days later and nothing has changed. I stayed in my room as much as possible, shut everyone out, ignored Gaara and his siblings pain, and tried to fight against my flashbacks,

I never slept, and left my room only during meals and when one of the siblings forced me to go outside with them. Those walks outside were pointless, just wandering around. Whenever I was outside people avoided me.

Something in my blank, dead gaze, slow meandering walk, and overall lack of life made mothers usher their children closer, store owners to slink inside their stalls, and people on the street part for me.

Once upon a time, this would have hurt me. But now, I don't care. I stare with cold eyes towards the idiotic, naive, innocent people around me, and I feel sick. What do they know of pain? Of suffering? Of hardship? No one in this village does.

I was currently in my room, just sitting, not thinking. Don't think, don't remember, don't think, don't remember. It was a constant mantra chanting through my head. The door opened slowly, a foot stepping inside.

I look up, glad for a distraction. Temari stands in front of me. Both anger and discomfort was obvious on her. I sigh, unable to pick up anything from her mind. Gaara must have taught her how to block her thoughts... no, that's not it. She was just concentrating on something so hard that I couldn't pick anything else up.

"Yes," I state more then ask. Her flashing eyes meet mine.

"You," She hissed slightly.

"Yes," I repeat, "What do you want?"

Anger crosses her face so readily. "You disgust me," She growled. I don't flinch. "You, sitting their, all high and mighty because you think you've suffered more than the rest of us. Are you proud of that? The fact that you suffered? What's their to be proud of?"

"No," I stand, voice steady, "You disgust me. You people don't even know the beginning of suffering! You think you understand. You think I'm weak because I suffered. I'm strong thanks to my suffering! And you all look at me like you understand, but you don't. You act like you care, but you don't! You don't know what it's like to be me," I finish quietly.

She gets up in my face. "Gaara thinks that we should pansy you, cushion and protect you. He desperately wants-- no, needs you to recover. But I think he'sgoing about it the wrong way. He wants to ease you into the cold water. I think you need a splash of it in the face,"

"There's no water for me to get into," I shake my head, "You all think I'm messed up. You don't understand that I'm not Keira anymore! I'm different from that stupid little girl. That idiotic girl who expected her friends to save her," I shake my head, disgusted with how I'd once been.

"You're a narrow-minded idiot now!" Temari delared, "You refuse to see other people's views, determined that you must be right. Well I can tell you now, you're so wrong it's not even funny! Gaara dedicated himself to finding you!"

I pause. "Tch," I scoff, "I doubt it. He never found me,"

"You ungrateful little bitch!" She shouts in my face. I know that neither Gaara nor Kankuro was home, so she didn't have to be worried about being heard.

"He loved, no, loves you so f*cking much! You don't deserve him in the slightest! He became Kazekage for two reasons. One: He wanted to become someone precious to people. Two: So he would have more power to find you!"

"What does it matter? He didn't find me. All that work was for nothing," I shake my head at her.

"But he tried," She insisted. "Ever since we've found you, and it turns out you're like this, he's been silent. He barely talks, barely eats. He gets his work done and goes about with his life, but I can tell he's thinking of you! He's obviously on auto-pilot, just trying to get through each day! He tried to fiind you, Keira,"

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