Chapter 9

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After fighting with myself for an hour, I finally feel good about the clothes I've picked out. Some black jeans, a plain black shirt and a denim jacket. Topped off with a pair of TOMS; duh. My phone vibrates just as I hear the car horn from downstairs. I pick up my phone and roll my eyes as I see a message from Tay.

From Tay: Hurry up

To Tay: I'm coming

I shove my phone in my pocket and leave my room before going downstairs. I duck my head into the living room and turn to my mom.

"I'm heading out Mom." I say quietly not wanting to bother my dad as he watches TV.

"Okay honey. Make sure you use protection." She says causing me to choke on air.

"What?" I cough.

"Well, you're staying out the night with your boyfriend. I'm just saying, if you decide to take that step in your relationship then make sure you be safe about it. You don't want an STD‒"

"Mom." I groan. "Please stop. Vic and I haven't even been together a week."

"I'm being serious Kellin. If Vic tries anything with you and you don't want to do it, you can say no." She rambles on.

"Mom." I groan louder.

Dad chuckles and my head snaps towards him as a smile spreads across my face. This is the first time he's so much as interacted with me ever since I bumped into him the other day.

"Lisa, let the kid be a kid." He smiles and Mom nods smiling brightly, probably just happy to see Dad opinionating on my life.

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow, kiddo. Remember what I said." She smiles.

"Yes Mom. I love you." I say contently.

"I love you too." She replies.

"Bye Dad." I whisper not expecting a reply; and I don't get one.

Mom gives me a sad smile but I just shrug. Honestly, this week he's interacted with me more than he has in the last two years and that's more than I could ask for. I wave goodbye to Mom before turning around and walking out of the house. I see Oli's car parked in front of the house and I quickly make my way over. I open the back door and my heart flutters as I see Vic sitting in the middle seat. I smile as I slide in next to him placing my seatbelt on.

"Hey." He murmurs before kissing my temple.

"Hey." I whisper with a smile as he puts his arm around my shoulder.

"God Kellin, what took you so long?" Tay huffs from next to Vic.

"Kellin, were you trying to decide what to wear again?" Oli asks with a chuckle as he drives off.

"N-no." I stutter obviously lying.

I feel my cheeks heat up as everyone laughs. Vic kisses my red cheek and pulls me closer to him.

"You made a good decision. You look nice." He compliments and I go even redder.

"Thanks." I whisper shyly.

The attention finally goes off of me as everyone starts talking amongst themselves. I relax against Vic and listen to everyone talk. Tay talks to Alex who's sitting in the passenger seat, about some TV show that I don't follow while Vic and Oli talk about Star Wars. I rest my head on Vic's shoulder and smile contently. Vic gently runs his fingers down my arm until he reaches my hand. He links his fingers with mine squeezing my hand lightly. He's so cuddly and I love it. I squeeze his hand back before leaning against him more. I quickly sit up straight when I realize that I'm probably crushing him with all my weight. He squeezes my hand again and gives me a confused look. I give him a forced smile and he pulls me into him again. I sigh defeated but silently pray that I'm not hurting him. We soon arrive at Tony's house and everyone gets out of the car. Vic grabs my hand and we walk up to the front of his house. Vic knocks and Jaime answers the door.

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