Chapter 2

Ugh! She is so annoying and so one-sided. You can never reason with her even if you wanted to.

But that's why I love her, or I think I do.

I can't be sure at the moment.

Blake was walking back home without Leslie. He kind of felt bad for leaving her alone when she's hurt but this might be a good thing for her. Maybe she'd realize that she needs to bond with her wolf? He could hope for that. He wanted her to bond with her wolf because he had a feeling that she would be happier and might feel better about the arrangement. She could find her way back home safely, even with her ankle. She always has. She was the type of girl that doesn't need a hand and Blake got that. But he still wished she would let him be there for her. That would be nice for a change. After all they're best friends.

He knew that the whole parents choosing who your mate will seem like a bad thing, but it's not that awful. At nineteen, Blake really didn't know anything about love. He's seen what love is like and not just in movies with Rachel McAdams. He'd witness it between people in the pack. That way they'd look at another like they were the only thing they needed in life. The one thing that made them happy was that one person that they would spend their lives with, have a family and grow old together. Blake wanted that and he was sure that he wanted it with Leslie.  He knew that he would grow to love Leslie like he sees in others. In a way he already did love her, but not as his fiancé, but as a best friend at the very least. It was going to take time to have that type of love. He was willing to wait to have Leslie in his life like that forever.

Leslie and Blake have been friends since forever, well not forever, but since they could speak they've been inseparable. Blake figured that's part of the reason why she was chosen to be his mate. He knew she hates the idea of that, but he thinks it will be good for her. She will be good for him too. She just doesn't know it yet. Deep down he know that Leslie has feelings for him. She has too. Otherwise he was sure she would have left the pack by now to avoid the wedding and being his mate.

Can and will she love me?

She loves me?

She loves me not?

She loves me?

She loves me not?

She loves me?

He sighed.

Probably not. But she would fall for him if she hasn't already. She had to.


After Leslie had calmed down she was feeling bad for what she said to Blake. But it doesn't mean that it's not true, she argued to herself.

She groaned when her cellphone vibrated. Her Mom was calling her, again. She was quick to dismiss the call and slowly started walking towards home limping from the rogue that had nipped at her. Her ankle hurt like hell. Blake was far gone by now and she didn't want to ask him to come and get her. As future Luna it was important that she showed him that she can take care of herself, even it she didn't want to be the future Luna she should show that she's strong. Sure, the fact that she can't defend herself against rogues did make her look weak, but taking down three wolves by yourself can be hard to do, even for an Alpha, depending on how strong and experienced he is. Leslie knew that word was going to spread about the argument that Blake and she had. It was inevitable. Gossip spreads like wildfire in the pack. Your business is everybody's business.


"Leslie, how dare you fight with Blake!" her mother scolded Leslie as soon as she stepped into the house. She wanted to turn around and head back into the woods. Maybe she would have been better of facing the rogues instead of her mother's wrath. She chuckled lightly to herself. That isn't a bad idea...

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