Chapter 1-Since You Asked.

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Chapter 1

"No peaches!" Riley slammed her locker door shut. "I've got regionals in 2 weeks Maya, I don't need to go to the party. I need to practice." Maya's blue eyes rolled.

"You've got this in the bag. Seriously, you stress too much." Riley disagreed, moving her brown hair.

"I'm only as good as what I put into practice. Nothing I did last year matters this year."

The girls sauntered down the busy hallway of their high school. "Except puts you as favorite to win. Besides, the studio is closed on Friday nights, where were you planning on practicing? You have a hard time focusing at home."

"Here, Ms. Rodgers said I could practice in the dance room."

"You have a problem, you need to seek help for your addiction." Maya stated.

"No, I don't. I have to get into Winwood, winning Nationals could help me do that. Not to mention the scholarship that comes along with it." The blue eyed girl stood in front of her and placed her small hands on Riley's shoulders.

"Seriously, Riles you wear sweats and a t-shirt almost daily to cover up your spandex and sports bra you practice in." The brunette sidestepped continuing to walk to class.

"And? It's comfortable Maya. I have no one to impress." She stopped walking and dropped her shoulders. "Ugh, I hate my horrible life."

"First, your life isn't horrible. You have me and that's all you'll ever need. Second, you don't need a guy, your talent is going to take you to places."


"Exactly Winwood." Riley tried to hide her smile. "One year at Winwood and you can pretty much do anything in the dance world, or so you've told me."

"Thanks love." Maya's arm strung over Riley's shoulder.

"So, where did I land on you coming to this party?" Her brown eyes rolled.

"You didn't land. You didn't even find the landing strip."


Riley's heel landed on the hardwood floor and she became extremely annoyed. She glanced at the mirror in front of her and saw the beads of sweat from 3 hours of continual practice. "What am I doing wrong?" The brunette took a deep breath and glanced at the window behind her, it was usually covered by curtains, but she opened them today, almost welcoming the outside world. Especially since she didn't let herself see it a whole lot. Riley prepped again for her 10 turn aleseconde.

Boy walk in the spot he's so fresh and, he know's he needs to impress.
Just look at the way that he's dressin'.

"Son of a- Damn it!" Granted she'd only been practicing this for a few days, but for whatever reason she couldn't get past 9 turns without her heel landing flat too long and knocking her off. She thought a little harder, 'maybe i'm getting to frustrated', the brown eyed girl sauntered towards the stereo and changed the song. One of her favorite songs to lyrically free style to.

It was 2 weeks after the day she turned 18, all dressed in white going to the church that night.
She had his box of letters in her passengers seat.

This song had so much power and emotion, she always felt inspired, no matter how terribly sad it was. Maybe that's why she felt like she could dance better. Riley always had a lot of 'maybe's' on her mind.

Preacher man said let us bow our heads and pray.
Lord please lift his soul, and heal this hurt.
Then the congregation all stood up and sang
The saddest song, that she ever heard.
Then they handed her a folded up flag, and she held on to all she had left of him.

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