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Pen Your Pride

Teen Wolf Preferences

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He Sees You Half - Naked

Scott- You had stayed the night at Scott's house because his mum had night shift so youse thought it would be a good idea to have a sleep over and get up early and make breakfast. The morning started out great you had both woken up and shared kisses. But as youse were making pancakes Scott thought it would be funny to throw a bit of flour on you, so you retaliated with a bit of sugar which turned into handfuls, then bags and soon egg and milk was thrown around.

Scott offered to clean up whilst you showered. You had finished your shower and was now rummaging through Scott's draws looking for some clothes to wear.

" Hey ( Y / N ) - " You heard Scott call but stopped short when he opened the door and found you standing there half naked.

He stood there with his jaw dropped. You let out a laugh.

" It's not like this is the first time you've seen me like this, " You teased.

He laughed moving forward and tackling you onto the bed.

Stiles - You were getting ready for bed and had just come out of the shower your hair was dripping off your shoulders and you were dancing around your room in your bra and underwear. You were mouthing the words to the song and shaking what your mama gave ya.

You closed your eyes jumping onto your bed jumping up and down playing the air guitar and singing the lyrics loudly.

You spun around stopping seeing your boyfriend with an amused smirk on his face.

You let out a shriek, dropping the brush and grabbing the nearest fabric closest to you and pulled it over your head.

"What are you doing here? "

"Your mum let me in, " He said and let out a big laugh.

Isaac- You were getting ready for your date with Isaac, you've had a crush on him for a while and you almost burst in excitement when he asked you out.

Everything was going great but one thing you had no idea what to wear. You sat on the floor in front of your wardrobe in your bra and underwear scanning your clothes. You heard a knock at your door.

"Come in, " You called not even bothering to look at whose entering.

You heard a gasp and you looked up meeting the blue eyes of Isaac Lahey. You mimicked his gasp and stood up looking around the room for something to cover you. You grabbed your blanket on the bed and covered your body. You looked up and saw Isaac with his hands covering his eyes.

" I'm so sorry. Your mum let me in, " He spoke embarrassed. You giggled at his flushed cheeks.

" I'll be down in a sec, " You said

Derek - You always slept in your bra and underwear it was like a ritual to you. You felt uncomfortable sleeping when you were completely covered in clothing. You were peacefully sleeping sprawled out across your bed.

You heard tapping on your window but you ignored it being to tired to do anything.

Soon the tapping got louder and more annoying. You stood up angry and stormed to the window wrenching it open knowing it was your boyfriend, you moved out of the way letting him in. You were ready to yell at him when you noticed him glance down at your attire or more of lack of attire and attacked you with a kiss.

You groaned and pushed him off. " I'm tired, "

"Too bad, " He murmered pressing his lips back on yours


So as you can see I've decided to do Teen Wolf preferences. So please feel free to send in requests.

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