Teenage Dreams (A sequel to Teenage Desires)

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal followers for all of their support, through everything they have kept reading and supporting me. I'm really greatful! This is the sequel that lots of people asked for to Teenage Desires, if you haven't read it, I suggest you read that first, this won't make much sense to you otherwise. 

Ava drove on, speeding slightly… I held onto the handle on the side of the door, knowing that even if I asked, Ava wouldn’t slow down. Something terrible must have happened to Grayson. I can’t place what it could be, was it her father on the phone? My seatbelt tightened around my chest, I felt Ava slam onto the breaks and I snapped quickly out of my reverie, soon it was black.

I opened my eyes, my vision so blurry I could only make out colours, red… blue… sirens. I blinked rapidly, trying to make my eyes adjust more quickly, and as they did I tried to move my neck, only I couldn’t. I was lying on a hard floor, the pavement I guessed. I soon felt that I was wearing a neck restraint and then a paramedic came into my vision.

“Riley, can you hear me?” the paramedic asked. He was plump and balding, but had one of the friendliest faces I could imagine, but how did he know my name? I tried to answer him, only my lips were moving, but there was no sound coming out of them.

“Blink twice for me Riley if you can hear me,” the paramedic prompted. I followed his orders and blinked twice; the paramedic smiled a relieved smile and knelt down beside me.

“The girl you were with, she was blond, your age, your girlfriend?’ he asked. I blinked twice again as my way of saying yes, and tried to nod my head as best I could.

“She’s just been taken to the hospital in an ambulance, she’s in a critical condition, but we have one of our best doctors on standby at the hospital waiting to help her.” A look of desperation and worry filled my face, I tried to sit up. The paramedic eased me back down again.

“It’s only natural to be worried, but she is in the best hands. I know you are probably very confused right now, the girl you were with… she was speeding and she swerved to miss an oncoming car that was also speeding, only instead of hitting the car you hit a nearby home. The family were not inside the house at the time, they are safe and well. There is another ambulance on the way to pick us up, then we’ll head to the hospital too.” The man explained. I tried to nod and I tried to stay calm, I knew I could do nothing to help. 

“I think you may have given yourself severe whiplash, hence the neck brace. I put that on you mainly for support until the next ambulance arrives. Don’t panic, you should make a full recovery. The girl you were with is slightly less well off than you are...” In midsentence the paramedic stopped what he was saying and looked up. The ambulance had arrived. Soon, I was lifted onto a stretcher and carried into the ambulance where I was rushed to the nearby hospital. I felt helpless, I needed to see Ava, and I needed to know that she was alright. 


Black spots appeared around the room after attempting to open my eyes; I blinked rapidly trying to clear my blurred vision. When my eyes adjusted to the light I realised that I must have fallen asleep. Soon I realised that I was in a private hospital room, equipped with all sorts of equipment to monitor how I was doing. I looked to my left, there was a wooden side table; a single card and box of chocolates were laid out on top of it. I reached over and picked up the card. It was a get well soon card from my parents, they must have been around here somewhere.

Soon, it came back to me. Ava. Where was she?

I tried to get up, ripping all sorts of wires away from me including a drip, which slightly hurt. I winced in pain. The equipment at my bedside which must have been monitoring my heart rate started to make a loud beeping sound. Soon, nurses came rushing in through the double doors ahead of me. 

“Mr Murray you need to rest!” A slightly aggravated sounding nurse said to me, she tried to move me back towards the hospital bed, but I pulled away.

“No, I need to see Ava.” I snapped, heading for the door.

“Ava is the girl who you came in with, right?” the nurse asked, sounding softer in her voice now.

I stopped in my tracks.

“Yes.” I stated, wondering what was wrong.

“She is currently in theatre.” The nurse stated.

“What happened? Is she alright?” I began asking to many questions the nurse cut me off by holding her hand up.

“Ava suffered some terrible injuries, she hit her head, in such a place that doctors think her long term memory may have taken a beating.”

“What does that mean?” I asked, paleness washing through me.

“She may not even remember you.” The nurse stated; full of worry. 

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