Chapter 1: The Lost Boy

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A young boy around eight years old was running through thick snow away from a burning village in the middle of the forest on the island of Patch. He didn't know where he was going, despite the many cuts and burns the boy felt no pain. Only rage and determination. He had made a promise to his father that he would stop his sister no matter what the cost. The boy kept running until he collapsed from exhaustion.

(Y/N)'s POV

I woke up feeling like my head was on fire, I tried to get up but soon realized that my hands were bound together in handcuffs and I was chained to the ground. I looked down at my self and saw that someone had bandaged my wounds and judging by the way they were healed I say I've been here for a few days. I looked around and saw that I was in some sort of containment cell.

"Hey, Hey! Anyone there?! Let me out of here!"

The door flew open and two men wearing grimm masks, black hoods and white armor came into the room and looked at me.

"Why did we even take him? He's just a kid!" said the one on the left. They were talking as if I wasn't there.

"Ever heard of the slave market newbie? We could make a bit of money with this kid," The man on the right said. He had a bit of an evil smirk on when he said that.

"I did not sign up for this! Fighting against discrimination is one thing, but kidnapping kids is another!"

The man on the right grabbed the other man by the throat and pinned him to the wall.

"Get used to it! This is how we have to do things sometimes in the White Fang. It's not always sunshine and rainbows. But look at it this way, this boy is contributing to our rightful cause. Just in a different way."

The man let the new member of the 'White Fang' go and he rubbed his neck a bit. He looked at me for a split second and seemed to drop something shiny on the ground.

"If you really want to sympathize with this boy maybe we should sell you as well, I heard their always looking for Faunses down there."

The man growled and stood up.

"Fine I'll go along with this but it doesn't mean I like it."

"Good now can we go? I have some important duties to attend to and I don't want to be wasting my time looking at a filthy human boy."

The man grunted and they both left but before the new member left he looked back at me and smiled a little.

I looked down at the shiny object that he dropped and I saw a key lying on the ground. I quickly grabbed the key and freed my arms first. I then freed my legs and gave my wrists and ankles a little shake before moving to the door. I saw no one guarding the door. They probably thought that one kid couldn't do anything to them. I looked at the lock of the door and I pointed a finger at it and concentrated. A white beam which looked like white fire shot out from my finger and hit the lock.

Huh? Didn't expect you to be able to do that so soon

Be quite I don't want to deal with you right now

No, need to be so rude to me (Y/n)... But have it your way.

The voice went silent and I broke the lock, the door swung open with a loud creak and I froze when I heard two voices coming down the hall.

"Hey, what was that noise?"

"I don't know maybe you should check it out?"

"Fine, lazy ass," the man mumbled as he came closer to my cell. I held my palm out and waited. The man came into view and he saw me standing there free of my chains.

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