Wow, Nat moved fast. Her thin attractive legs moved swiftly, dodging tables to reach the a white door. I lightly jogged to keep up with her and pushed the swinging white door open. I heard a short squeal a little bit in front of me. My eyes widened when I looked at where I was. The place had white tiled walls and floors and their walls were lined with clear mirrors. At the mirrors and white sinks were women who stood with mouths hanging open, lipstick/mascara/brushes in hand.

"Aaron? What the hell are you doing? Did you follow me," she asked, her tone quickly changing from curious to suggestive, laced with her sexy voice. I wanted to kiss her again, take her in my arms . . .

Instead I stuttered, "I'm s-s-sorry. Wr-wrong ro-room. B-b-bye." I dashed out of there, their dumbfounded eyes following my figure disappear behind the door.

I leaned against the wall parallel to the women's bathroom and soon enough Nat had come out with a crooked smile and narrowed eyes. I felt my bored daze immediately disappear and be replaced with a brighter more turned on vibe. Nat swayed her hips naturally walking over to me. She placed her arms around my shoulders, meeting slightly at the back of my neck. She cocked her head cutely and gazed at me.

I could feel myself hardening slightly as she moved closer. "So, boyfriend, am I doing a good job of pretending or what?" She practically purred. "We better go, they'll be wondering where we've gone off to . . . or what we've gone off to do."

I knew she had just meant it, everything, as a joke. Her flirtatiousness and suggestive glances. What she didn't know was what she did to me whenever she did do those things. Makaing my head spin in a daze, making my face heat up, making my heart beat doubly faster, making me do unmentionable things . . . She jumped apart from me and gestured me to come over to where we were sitting with our parents. I followed her reluctantly and sat down, Hayley eyeing me carefully.

We soon finished up our gourmet meals and stood up, hovering around the enterance of the restaurant. My parents gave all of us a quick hug and Nat the "it was nice to meet you" speech and me that "keep in touch" one. We both nodded in agreement and soon after they left it was just Hayley, Nat and I. I felt a sudden awkwardness and a thick black silent blanket hang over the moment. Natalie rolled her eyes then focused on her long manicured nails while Hayley looked at me with a sweet, innocent smile and I stood there in between them.

Almost a minute later we still stood until Hayley broke the silence. "So, I didn't know you two were going out. What was that all about?"

"It's about none of your business," Natalie snapped back. My heart lifted with joy, I knew she said this because she hated Hayles but I could pretend that she said it because she was jealous.

"Right. Whatever. Bye, Aaron. I'll see you on Tuesday," she winked sexily as she walked out the glass door of the semi-fancy restaurant. Although it did nothing to me anymore. Before my heart would probably float with joy and beat uncontrollably. Now, nothing happened.

"She so wants you," Natalie laughed, crossing her arms and walking out the place, expecting me to follow her.

My fists clenched in anger. Natalie was still deluded with the idea I was in love with her and vice versa. Had she not caught on? Had she not seen? I grunted in annoyance as I followed her, shoving my clenched fists into my deep coat pockets.


"Ok, then you take a left here," Natalie ordered, gesturing to the left that soon lead to a large apartment complex. Not as big as mine but . . . average.

I turned the smooth wheel to the left in my hands and soon we were there. She smiled at me greatfully, but hung around in the car. I felt my heart beat a little faster, my breath hitch. What was she doing? Did she want to give me a good night kiss? Or did I want to give HER a good night kiss? Girls were so confusing, I screamed in my head. She drummed her soft fragile fingers on the car and smiled up at me again, showing off her lovely even teeth.

I swallowed hard. She was coming closer. Leaning in. Her hand was reaching out. What was she reaching out for? A million dirty yet pleasing thoughts walked into my brain, entertaing and continuing the idea. My eyes widen. I was getting stiffer as she was getting closer. She reached over me and gave me a hug. I felt my heart beat even faster, if that was even possible but I also felt it sink a little. Her warm breath tickled my skin as she whispered a thanks and goodbye. I took in a deep breath and let it out. Nat pulled away from me and stepped out of the car, walking to the red-bricked building. I watched her thin yet curvaceous figure sway their hips as she walked, disappearing behind the thick door. I smirked about everything that night.

Maybe I could get her to fall for me. Soon enough. Maybe I could get her to trust me. Maybe I could show her another side of her, her true, serious side. Maybe I could tell her . . . I felt something vibrating in my pants pocket. I reached in and retrieved my sleek black phone. I stared at the name on the clear screen. Rick. Maybe I'd never have the guts to say anything. Maybe they've live happily ever after.


Isn't Aaron airy? Doesn't he see Hayley's intentions?! I hoped you enjoyed that! Sorry it took a while. The next one probably won't be out until next week, like I said, studying! This has been my first break of the week so I was glad I could finish this quickly. I hoped you enjoyed it and please comment and vote. If you guys have any ideas or plot lines that might be good feel free to say so, but I can't promise I'll use them. Thanks!


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