Ch 1: Perfect Life

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Lucy's P.O.V.

About one year has passed since Natsu asked me out, and every thing has been wonderful.
Natsu has become a total sweet heart even though he still gets really jealous which is a little cute, but annoying some times. I love him.

"Hey Lucy!" yelled a sweet and high voice that got me out of my thoughts.
"Hello, Levy!" I shouted back teasing. "Sorry, but anyway what are you going to do today?" she asked shyly. "I don't have anything planned" I confessed to her. "Well, in that case do you want to go shopping?" she asked with excitement. "Sure, why not?" I answered getting up from my seat at the bar.

We headed outside the guild with a turn to the left. Once, we began to see the shops, we started browsing. "Need anything in particular?" I asked her with curiosity in my voice "Not really".
Everything was going perfectly fine, I even bought a rosy red dress with some cute bows on it because Levy was begging me to buy it. But, something was a little wrong.

I felt someone else following us or watching us from behind. I just shook the idea off, but the feeling kept crawling back to me like a spider. "Should we start heading towards the guild?" I asked her.
"Sutskjebsjjdauksnsks" was her answer because she had a piece of donut in her mouth. She chewed it down and repiled "Sure, it's getting dark anyways which means the shops are going to start closing".

I dropped Levy off at the guild while I just headed to my apartment.
My one and only apartment. I was carrying two bags with me, one with the red dress and the other with some new colorful shirts I thought Natsu would like. It was the same boring walk as always.

The same feeling came back again.
I kept turning, but to my suprise there was nobody there.
"That's weird" I spoke to myself. My walk started to turn into a jog and then a run and then a sprint. There was definitely someone with me and it didn't feel like Natsu.

My apartment was just another block, so I had to hurry up. A strange hand came out of nowhere and grabbed me by the face. I tried to loosen off, but his grip was tight. Then my strength started fading away and all I saw was pitch black.

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