A Howling Caveman

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Jake's POV -

Harder, Faster, Stronger.

My fist collides with the bag once again, the force of the punch sending it flying backwards. Beads of sweat drips down my face and I focus on my breathing, keeping it steady and rhythmic. Each punch I lay into the bag causes one more worry to disappear for a few blissful seconds.

Emily's safety, punch.

Trevor, punch.

Amil, punch.

DC Jones, punch.

My knuckles sting painfully and I grab the bag with both hands, resting my forehead against the cool surface. My chest is rising heavily up and down and I breathe in deeply, ignoring the aching pain in my arms.

Pain is good.

Pain means progress.

Progress means I'm becoming stronger.

Becoming stronger means I can keep Emily safe.

That's all I want.

Her sweet face flashes through my mind and I smile, wiping the sweat off my forehead with my arm. I tear off my boxing gloves and chuck them to the side before grabbing my bottle and downing the liquid. I glance over at my phone that's on my dresser and frown, no texts.

Emily promised to text me once she was done shopping with Trish yet hours have passed. I shrug it off thinking girls will be girls, never get in between a girl when she's got her shopping head on.

Most of them wouldn't skip a heartbeat to trade you for a 50% off sale.

I grab my towel and head for the shower. I pass Tobias in the hallway and nod in his direction. Things between us were slowly becoming civil yet I still have problems with the guy that would never be solved. He crossed a line no brother should ever cross. I brush past him making sure I don't make eye contact as the last thing I want is to start a fight with him again. I've promised Emily I would try keep from punching his teeth out at every chance I got and I intend to stick with that promise.

I keep all of my promises.


"Where is that lovely girlfriend of yours?" Aunty Myra asks me, pecking my cheek whilst shrugging her coat off. I jokingly wipe away the area she kissed, mocking disgust and Aunty Myra chuckles. I smile at her and shrug —

"She's out shopping with a friend but hasn't text me for hours."

I check my phone again. Nothing.

I frown and decide against ringing her. I didn't want to come across controlling and if she's having a good time, she deserves it. The girl has been through too much recently and a few hours away from all her troubles will be good for her.

"I know you love her Jake but don't overdo your caveman act, she'll be back soon." Aunty Myra says before putting the kettle on.

"I'm a natural born caveman, I can't help it." I respond, pounding my chest and howling at the ceiling. Aunty Myra laughs, clutching her stomach.

"You may be a caveman but you're not a bloody werewolf, stop howling."

I grin and turn back to my phone checking my messages again. Still nothing. Screw it, I'll ring her and check to make sure she's okay.

The phone rings once, twice, three times, no answer. I frown and the bad feeling in my stomach deepens. I sigh and push my chair back, murmuring a goodbye to Auntie Myra. She watches me leave, her head shaking at me. I reach for my jacket, shrugging it on before grabbing my keys. If she doesn't want to answer me, I'll go find her.

It's better to be safe than sorry, right?

I pull my hood over my head as I walk briskly in the direction of Trish's house. I couldn't shake the bad feeling in my stomach, no matter how many times I try to re-assure myself.

 I couldn't shake the bad feeling in my stomach, no matter how many times I try to re-assure myself

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