"Answer the question," Celeste said.

"I got into a fight. He hit me on my side, twice."

"Shen, help her remove her shirt," Celeste said.

Hailie took a step back. "That is not necessary. I can do it myself. You just have to give me the cream."

"You're standing strange. He needs to check to see if you broke your ribs."

"They are not broken."

"The patient is always wrong until proven right. Sit down and let him check."

She didn't have much of a choice. She needed something for the pain. Hailie sat down on the bed next to Celeste's. Shen, for his part, was surprisingly gentle at getting the t-shirt off her in a way that she didn't have to move her left arm much or straighten.

"Remember you have to—" Celeste started.

"Yeah, yeah. Press on the front and back. She'll scream if something is broken," Shen said. Hailie's eyes widened. "Just joking. It isn't that bad, trust me."

Hailie closed her eyes and took fistfuls of the sheets. She sucked in a breath when Shen's hands touched her. He pulled back.

"What? Did that hurt?" he asked.

"Just hurry up," Hailie said. She tried not to move.

"You're not saying anything," Shen said.

"That is because my ribs are not broken. They are not hurting any more than before." His hands disappeared and she dared to open her eyes.

"It's just a bad bruise so use the yellow bottle," Celeste said. She turned to Hailie. "What happened?"

She had to collect her thoughts. She hadn't thought about it much while everything was going on.

"He wanted to use my hammock. Gordon was telling him not to because there are chairs and other hammocks and that one is the one I use. It was when he started saying that I was the one who signalled the Golden Dagger, that I realised he did not care about the hammock. He said it was my fault that their families were dead." She closed her eyes again for Shen to apply the cream. "He grabbed me and Gordon pushed him away. He was going to hit Gordon with a chair and that is when I tackled him. He hit me twice, then Gordon must have pulled him away because the next thing I saw was Fenton with his hands around Gordon's neck. I pulled my knife but Kendra and the Captain and Roberto stopped the fight."

"What did the Captain do?" Shen asked.

"He threw him overboard then said that he would do the same to anyone else who causes trouble, and that only the crew is allowed to eat for the rest of the day."

"Serves them right. Less than two days and they've been nothing but trouble," Shen said.

"Eli didn't stop the fight?" Celeste asked.

"Eli was not there at the time. He still does not know what really happened." Shen helped Hailie put back on the t-shirt. She felt much better now that she had it on, and he wasn't touching her anymore. "Kendra said something strange. She said that Eli is like a wall with buttons. Touch a button and it explodes but anywhere else is fine. She said that Fenton touched a button but she would not tell me what that button was."

She saw them glance at each other.

"If she didn't tell you then I don't think it's important," Celeste said.

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