Chapter 34

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Eli came through the door and stood between Hailie and Gordon. "What happened?" he asked.

"That man started a fight," Gordon said. He pointed to his neck. The skin was starting to bruise.

"We welcomed you on this ship. If we had left you all there you would have died along with your captors, yet you repay us by attacking my crew," the Captain said.

"You didn't even let him talk. It's not fair," someone in the gathering said.

"I don't care what the reason is. The punishment is the same. The next one who speaks will be punished along with him." The Captain pointed to a green spot behind him. "That island is five miles away." Roberto took a hold of the man. "You can either swim to it or drown. Throw him overboard."

"Wait. It wasn't my fault. It was her—" Roberto threw him over the side of the ship and he landed with a splash. The ship hadn't slowed down a bit. There was no way for him to get back on.

The Captain turned back to everyone. "I have tolerated this long enough. You have been on this ship for one day and have only caused us trouble. The next person to attack someone on my ship, go against orders, or cause any sort of trouble at all will be thrown overboard as well, no matter where we are at sea, and since so many of you encouraged that fight and did nothing to stop it, and went so far as to cheer it on, there will be no food served for the rest of the day. Only the crew will eat. Dismissed."

There were mumblings but no one dared to say anything to the Captain.

"Gordon, what exactly happened?" Eli asked.

"That man, Fenton, was causing trouble," Gordon said. He must have an idea of Kendra's wall-button theory. "We don't have to cook for everyone but we still have to make something for the crew." Gordon said to Hailie.

The pain in her side had eased a little. She nodded and pushed away from the wall but felt a sharp pain in her side almost immediately. She leaned her shoulder against the wall.

"I didn't think you were hurt this badly, and your bruises only just started to fade," Gordon said.

"How much does it hurt?" Eli asked.

"I think I should go down to the med bay," Hailie said, a little embarrassed. Two hits. Just two and she was like this.

Eli looked around. "Go there. Gordon can cook without you." His necklace was green but his face looked conflicted. She'd thought green was for calm.

"Shouldn't you go as well?" Hailie asked Gordon.

"I don't need anything for something like this. Do you want help?" Gordon asked. She could see Benji watching her. He looked worried. So did Faith.

"No. I can go there on my own."

Hailie was grateful for the rails on the stairs going down, and the fact that the stairs were close to the door to the corridor. She didn't need the wall to hold her up but she had to lean more to her left to not feel as much pain. She knocked on the door and pushed it open. Shen was cleaning up the mess he'd made with the chair.

"I think I might need more of that cream you used before," she said to Celeste.

"What happened? You were only gone for about twenty minutes," she said.

"I am surprised Shen was not called," Hailie said.

"I was called. I just didn't go."

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