Chapter 19: The Queen Of Ostwyn

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Meathil didn't know where they had been, but some how her whole entire bracket was back in the entrance hall. This was the place where they appeared last, and this was the place where they came back together. She saw the girls come back for my the opposite side of the castle. All of them looked horrible, she knew that Pengeth couldn't sleep without Hastel somewhere nearby, and that Thennil and Hyril liked to sleep in the same bed. But they were all separated last night, it made them look like the living dead. Seems none of them got sleep, because Deigil was also extremely tired. Meathil made her way into the line, the line that all the warrior's stood in. Eredhelil took her rightful position at the throne next to the queens, the queen herself however was not there. She wondered all night, what would she say? What would she do? Would the woman agree to come with them? Or would she attack? All the questions rolled around in her head, she didn't know what to do about them. The princess seemed extra aggravated today, yesterday the girl seemed to be more chipper. What happened? Did she miss something? Eredhelil didn't even look at the girls who she escorted, maybe it was out of anger, or pure malice. She didn't want to know what types of wicked thoughts must be lingering in that woman's brain. Meathil slowly moved behind the line to check posture, everyone was in perfect position, except for Deigil. She was clenching her hands so hard they could brake. Meathil gently placed her hands on the girls and whispered in concern.

"Calm down, nothing is going to happen to you while I'm here. I'll protect the bracket, why are you worrying?" Deigil didn't move, but let go of her hand. She loosened up a bit and straightened her posture.

"Nothing, it's nothing. I'm fine." Somehow she doubted that was the truth, but she let it slide. As she moved down the row further, she noticed the princess's eyes move. They were directed at Deigil for a split second before the girl returned the look, then the silver skinned woman looked away abruptly. What had been going on? Did they know each other? Or was it just an interest in power? Sometimes other kingdoms will try to steal warriors. They bargain coins and try to buy them out, was that what the princess was doing? Meathil found her way back into the line and waited, waited for this nightmare to end. Eglanor stood to her left and Rivornor to her right. Rivornor stood next to Deigil, the princess was still stealing glances at the girl. The entrance way was quiet in anticipation, all of them anticipating what was to happen. Then it happened, the air got colder, the presence in the room went blank. Everyone had fear pasted on their faces as the guards announced the woman.

"Please welcome Queen Bengil, the queen of Ostwyn and ruler of the frozen empire," Syson announced, his voice quivered as the woman walked past him to her throne. Who wouldn't be scared at what they were seeing? The woman had the same silvery skin as Eredhelil and the same bright red eyes, but the queen's hair was moonlight grey. Her hair shined and was cut to shoulder length, the woman looked... Well, sadistic. Meathil knew that the Ostwyn had horns and claws occasionally, but she'd never seen them with her own eyes. Atop the queen's head were two razor sharp horns pointing up, they looked deadly. As her eyes drifted down she saw that the woman's nails weren't nails, but long sharp blades, that could slit a throat before you could take a breath. Wrapped around the woman was a midnight black snake, it's eyes glowing with the queen's, and his teeth threatening to sink into your skin. The queen wore a long silk bottoms with armor at her hips and any vital spots, her shins were covered with metal. She was a warrior, just like her daughter. When she finally reached the throne and took a seat, a smile appeared on her face. Meathil almost wet herself, that smile made her feel like she had no soul. Like she was empty inside and out, the smile was one hundred times more bloodthirsty than Eredhelil's. It made her want to kill herself, instead of stepping one inch closer to that woman. And when she spoke, her voice was low, and evil. The voice of a monster, of someone so power hungry and blood thirsty that they didn't care who they cut down. One with no soul or heart.

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