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"Why do you do it?"

I stared down on her in the hallway as she stood in front of me, arms crossed. Her eyes were not filled with curiosity, nor naivety. Malice, pure and simple. She just wanted to embarass me, but I was not one to get humiliated over the slightest things. The girl, Marianna, I believe her name was, could try all she liked but I wouldn't care.

"Because I enjoy it," I lied.

Marianna scoffed, the pretty shade of green in her eyes darkened as she shook her head of dark curls.

"You like being a whore?"

Smirking, I walked away, ignoring her question. There was no need to answer it, after all, it would only give these low-lifes more to gossip about. I didn't need the drama, and I didn't need these high school students knowing the ins and outs of my life.


I walked up to the apartment I shared with my older brother and the first thing I noticed was the bright pink slip attached to our door with a piece of sticky tape.

'Final Notice of Eviction.'

Groaning, I tore the slip off of the door and dug the key out of my back pocket before shoving it into the keyhole.

"Thomas Anderson Trench!" I screamed into the seemingly empty living room. When nobody answered, I stormed down the cluttered hallway and banged on his flimsy wooden bedroom door. The latch that held the door closed popped open, revealing my older brother sprawled out on his dingy bed with two other girls and a boy as well surrounding him. Quite a feat for a twin sized mattress.

"Tommy! Didn't you pay the rent when I gave you the money," I growled as he opened his eyes from the creaking that filled the room from his rusty door hinges.

"No Nem, I needed some shit, I told you that."

"Needed...some what exactly?"

"The usual."

My eyes filled with tears, I had worked so hard for that money, doing what I hated more than anything and my brother went to spend it on drugs. Great, that's just great.

"Well, because of that fvcking stunt, Thomas, we have to be moved out in two weeks. Pack your shit or whatever, I'm going to the library to check the classifieds for some more apartments around here."

And with those words, I walked out of his room and the apartment, only looking back once. Sometimes it was so hard to love him like a good sister should.

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