Mistake No 2

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4pm. The Arm's Pub. Leave Jake at home or else I won't tell you anything.

I read the text repeatedly, my eyes straining from not blinking. The words begin to blur on the screen and I sigh, leaning back against the wall. The time reads 3:58 and I'm stood outside The Arm's Pub, already regretting my decision.

"It's not too late to turn back." I mutter under my breath, closing my eyes for a brief moment. How else can I get the answers I so badly crave? This is my life and my identity that Jones is playing with. I need the answers and he's the only person that is willing to give them to me.

I agreed to meet him at a public place however it came with one condition. . . he chose the location. Gangs of hooded figures litter the street corners, looking dangerous and intimidating. Town folk tend to avoid this area like the plague.

Loud drunken shouts can be heard coming from behind the glass doors, aggressive and booze filled. The windows that once were clean and now a murky brown, streaked with inch thick dirt. Broken glass is scattered across the floor and I grimace, stepping around it.

My hand wraps around my phone tightly and the other clutches the handle of the small knife inside my jacket pocket. It's for my protection but the thought of possibly having to use it scares the living crap out of me.

I'm not a violent person but the situation I find myself in requires me to be brave and firm. I don't feel brave or firm. Cold harsh winds whip around me and even though it's late afternoon, darkness fills the sky. The street lamps light up, illuminating objects with a creepy shadow.

I shiver at the icy breeze that surrounds me and I wrap my black leather jacket around me tighter, hands trembling. I stand in front of the door, building up the courage to push it open and take the first step inside.

You can do this Emily, you only have to speak to him for a few minutes, get the answers you need and leave.

I silently wish Jake was by my side but I also didn't want to risk his safety. Jones specifically asked for me to leave Jake at home and I hate lying to him about where I'm going. I told him I'd be shopping with Trish and that could take up to a few hours. With Trish it usually does. The idea of Trish buying everything that came into her sight sounds more appealing than meeting with Jones. I inhale sharply before wrapping my hand around the dirty handle and stepping inside.

The first thing that hits me is the repugnant scent filling the air. The entire place reeks of stale beer, smoke and sweat. My stomach that'a already in knots starts doing frickin' gymnastics inside my body.

The pub is busy with crowds of men, clutching glass beers in their hand. A football match is playing on the large screen in the corner and a group of middle aged men are screaming profanities at it, drinks spilling over the side of the glass with their annoyance. No-one notices me at first but as I take a few more steps inside, the noise level quietens and heads turn in my direction. I drop my gaze to the floor, nerves building up quickly as I head for a booth at the back.

Disgusting comments and sniggers are thrown my way as I make a beeline for the table, legs shaking underneath my weight. The crowds and their intense stare terrify me but I try to ignore their scrutinising gaze. I take a seat, breathing a sigh of relief.

I'm guessing not many teenage girl's walk into this pub. . .

My hair falls around my shoulders and I gladly hid behind it, now realising the mistake of sitting where I was. I can't see the door meaning I can't keep an eye out for DC Jones.

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