Chapter 9

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Sakura opens the door to her house as her mom approaches chittering and short after that her dad joins too, but she doesn't hear what they say, all she has in her head is Kakashi and what just happened. She takes of her shoes slowly and walk past her parents not answering and walks upstairs and sit down at her bed...what did just happen? She stares at the wall infront of her trying to think, but this is all too much.

Kakashi walks up to the hokages office feeling a little down, maybe it was a bit too much? Oh well. He opens the door slightly to see if Tsunade is there and she is.

"Kakashi, did the mission succed?" she asks seeing him coming against her.
"Sadly it's not finished yet i had to take Sakura back since she had been hurt and i don't think she would've been able to carry out the mission right now."
"Hurt how?" She asks and raises and eyebrow. "And where's Naruto and Sasuke?" She adds.
Physically? By him...but he can't say that..
"By the enemies, wounded and trapped, Sasuke and Naruto are still heading to the deliviry and are heading to the sand village on their own, they can handle that." He says and fixes his headband a little.
"Okay, i trust you instincts Kakashi...and you wild instincts too" she says smirking and pauses a little "Are u up for it today?" She asks getting a little red in her face from the sake she's been drinking. Kakashi and Tsunade have had a little inappropriate relationship lately, since they're both single and alone.
"No...i don't think i want to do this anymore..." He says gently and turn around, ready to leave.
"Why? Have u finally fallen for someone?" She asks still smirking. Kakashi start to smile a little to himself.
"U can say that" he answers smirking and walk out and closes the door.

After a while when Sakura has layed in her bed trying to think the bell rings on the front door.
"Sakura! Ino is here!" Her mom yells loud to her and Sakura jumps out of her bed and runs downstair to see ino standing in the opening smiling wide.
"Do you want to grocery shop with me for a minute?" She asks and Sakura nood fast without thinking and look down at her self she has changed clothes to shorts and a shirt, she chuckle her shoulder and take her money purse and walk outside.
"Why are u back so early?" Ino asks and look suspiciously at her as they walk away. Sakura stutter and doesn't know what to answer on that, she wasnt that wounded so she could skip the mission even if it was Kakashi that wanted to take her back here.
"Uhmm...things went bad and Kakashi thought i wasn't in the right state to continue the mission" She answers.
"Isn't that a bit rude?" Ino says with a judging tone. What?
"No? I don't think so"

"Oh hey, Kakashi sensei!" Ino shouts suddenly and Sakura turn around suprised by his presence. He is standing infront of them with a shopping bag in his hand, look kinda funny on him.

"Ino...and Sakura" He says smiling a little nice with his eyes and Sakuras face turns red, she has to get away from him, she can't meet him right now since she doesn't have an answer yet. Sakura takes an hard grip on Ino's arm.

"COME! WE'LL TAKE THE OTHER GROCERY SHOP AROUND THE CORNER" She shouts and starts to pull Ino with her fast and strongly.

"W-what!? Wh-y!" She shouts stumbling after her.

"Sakura!!" Kakashi screams but Sakura doesn't stop running and ignore Inos questions until they've stopped around the corner. Kakashi could obviously come to them at this second if he so wanted to but he's not that mean. Ino fixs her hair a little and frown a little.

"Sakura!?  What was that for!?" She frowns and breathe out. Sakura swallows and walk inside the shop as she takes a bag and her face are still red.

"Did something happen between you and Kakashi or what?" Ino says looking up at her noticing her red face.

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