The beating

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Prince-*hit angel w. the whip* mabey this will teach u to watch your mouth n be good

Angel-*screams* Please stop...i will be good i promise please

Diggy-*takes the whip* iight man i got it

Prince-*steps back* do watcha gotta do

Diggy-*punches angel in the face* So u like to be a baddie??....imma show u what a baddie is *punches her again*

Angel-*noses starts to bleed n is crying* Please im sorry...please i just wanna go home


Angel-*still crying* yes master

Prod-when i let u go...i want u to go n clean yoself up....we havin company....if u fuck up u gonna get fucked up got it *unchains her*

Angel-*shakes her head* Yes master *runs to the bathroom*

Roc-Yo man prod Y u let her go??

Prod-The girls said they on they way

Diggy- what girls??

Prod- oh its these girls we met at a club they names are.....????


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