The father - Part II

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Hi guys. So this part is double long, comparted to the first chapter. I really hope you'll like it. And please don't forget to Vote and leave a Comment. It means a lot. xx 

Confusion hit me after a few moments of total astonishment. After a finale thought I decided to put the receiver down. I took a few deep breaths and got out of the booth. The way back to the boarding school seemed long and exhausting, but what else was I to do? I needed to think of another plan, fast. Because there was no way I was staying in darkness anymore.

I murmured a few prayers of and thanked God that I was safe until I entered the gates of the boarding school and I could tell that something was wrong by the unusual movement at that hour. I frowned at one of the girls from my floor because she looked at me with scared eyes as I made my way to the main room, where I'd normally find mother Veronica at that hour. I had to tell her that I was back, probably drop a few other lies along the way so she wouldn't suspect anything.

The thought of that sudden interruprtion of the phone call still haunted my mind. It was like I managed to lose all the hope I nourished in the last few years, in a split second.

Preoccupied with finding a good lie to tell, about something that I "confessed" to priest John and "the entire burden" that I was finally free of, I didn't hear the running steps that were coming towards me.

I heard my name being called and it was the pure desperation, combined with the poor pronunciation that made me hold onto the handler for support.

"Natalia! Natalia my child! You have to come!"

"What? Where?"

The poor woman in front of me moved her head from right to left, a sign of desperation showing on her face. Her hand grabbed mine in a hasty movement, making me follow her. 

"Mother Paulina is waiting for you. Your father..."

She hesitated for a moment; the tears she was trying to hold back were then visible in the light of the day.

"I don't know if I'll be able to visit next time."

Next time. Had he been serious about it?

I didn't say anything. I just followed the woman to Mother Paulina, in the East wing of the boarding school. She kept glancing my way but I didn't dare to meet her eyes, afraid of what I might find in them. I refused to act panicky until I knew for sure. Maybe my father had an accident, or maybe he announced that he wasn't going to sponsor the school anymore. That would be terrible news for Mother Paulina. For the whole boarding school, actually. 

We were finally inside the small room that stood as "meeting room" where only urgent matters were to be discussed. I gave my surroundings a nervous look. I had only been in that room once before. On the first day my father decided to drop me there like a sack of potatoes and pay great money so that they would make sure to keep me a prisoner for as long as possible.

I was well aware that at my age I should've been in college instead of spending my time learning how to sew and make nice bonnets that, let's be honest, no one wore anymore. At least not in the outside world. The real world.

Inside, everyone wore them. I had to destroy hundreds of them and I had to make thousands, during the time I had spend there, for them to realize that I did not actually like bonnets and I would never wear bonnets. Thinking about it, it was damn ridiculous.

I gave my fingers a judgmental look. I still had little scratches and my fingertips still hurt from the last week's work on aprons.

I also hated aprons.

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