Black Butler: Why Did I have To Fall In Love With Ciel Ch.1

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I sniffed the air and smirked. "So this is where Master Ciel lives, also where my dear old friend Sebastian has been."

I thanked the taxi man as he drove off. I walked up to lord Ceil's instate and rung the door bell. I waited a few minutes until a women in a maids outfit answered the door.

"Hello may I help you miss?" she asked.

"I'm looking for lord Ceil please." I said with a sweet smile.

"Alright. Please come in miss and will get him right now."

She opened the door wider for me to walk in. The lady lead me into a room that looked like a living room. I sat down on one of the couches as I watched outside the window.

I guess I got lost in thought when I was interrupted from someone's cough. I snapped out of thought and felt my face flush from embarrassment.

"I would like it if you didn't waste my time Miss." A young boy said.

"Ahh so you're the young lord." I said pursing my lips together. "Before we speak is there somewhere privet we can talk."

"Follow me young miss." The boy sighed and walk to a office like room. "Now then I don't think we have ever met and I have no clue why you're here. Would you kindly explain those things to me?"

I giggled at his forwardness and he just glared at me.

"Okay, Okay you don't have to glare at me. Anyway I just need to know if you have butler that's kind of tall with shaggy black hair?"

"What's it to you if I do." He snorted.

"Please master Ciel it's very important that you tell me." I said just as the doors swung open and there he was.

"Sebastian! Sebastian is that really you?" I asked smiling like an idiot.

"Sheena? Sheena what on earth are you doing here." Sebastian growled walking over to me.

"Sebastian do you know this girl and if so I need and explanation now!" Ciel growled towards him.

"Wait he hasn't told you about me." I giggled and walked over to Ciel and placed my arms around his shoulders. "So you don't know about me, is that what you're saying?"

Ciels face flushed a rosy red causing me to giggle even more.

"Sheena, knock it off right now before you hurt someone." Sebastian growled.

"I'm not going to hurt him." I said releasing my hold.

"Will someone please tell me whats going on?" Ciel hissed.

"He-he you're cute when you get mad young lord. I'm Sebastian younger sister."

I smiled and heard Sebastian sigh.

"Sebastian is this true? Is she your sister?" Ciel asked

"Yes young master it's true. Sheena is my younger sister and she should be back home." Sebastian growled.

"Don't be mean Sebastian. I missed you."

"So does this mean you're a demon as well?" Ciel asked me.

"Well not really. You see I'm a " Sebastian quickly covered my mouth with his hand.

"She is more human than a demon young master."

I growled and then licked Sebastian's hand causing him to release me. I glared at him but then I turned back to Ciel.

"So your names Ciel am I right?" I asked sweetly.

"That's right and I'm guessing you're Sheena." He said rolling his eyes at me.

I giggled and then turned back to my brother. I jumped on him and hugged him. Sebastian wrapped his arms around me and sighed again.

"I missed you so much brother." I whimpered.

"I missed you too." He said resting his head on mine.

I wiggled out of his grasp and walked back over to master Ciel.

"Young lord may I speak with you in privet now." I begged.

Ciel sighed and nodded his head. He waved his hand at Sebastian telling him to leave. He bowed respectfully but glanced at me before leaving.

"Now then young lord I have something else very important to ask of you." I said kindly.

"And what would that be?"

"May I stay here with you and my brother at your instate. I could be a great use I promise you."

"Wait, why should I let you stay here? I just barley meet you."

"Please young master I would behave plus I have nowhere else to go. Please."

"Fine." Ciel sighed.

"Yay!! Thank you so much young master." I jumped up and down and then kissed Ciel on the cheek before running off looking for my brother.

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