The Arrival Part 50

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8th September 2018 All Rights Reserved


Elaine Roberts POV...

I was feeling a little nervous as I followed my son into the kitchen. In fact, I was sort of dragging my feet to be honest and I don't know why. Graeme, who was holding my hand at the time, had to drag me a little and had to push me down onto a chair after coming into the room where the others were. I guess the men in the room must have realised that I was feeling somewhat out of sorts at the moment.

So it was up to the darling hubby to make the cuppa's for us all with Jimmy's help. Even Mack looked like a stunned mullet at the moment. But I kept my mouth shut until Jimmy was ready to tell us what has happened when he was up at the house with her. 

As I said, I was really nervous. 

A few minutes later, Graeme and Jimmy sat the pot and cups down in front of us in the middle of the table. Then the men sat down and began pouring out the cuppas. We had to milk and sugar our own of course. But it was still a few minutes before Jimmy got around to speaking and when he did, we laughed.

"She snatched the damn muffin right out of  my hand as soon as I got there when she noticed I had one in my hand." He said after sipping from his cup.

That was all he said for another minute after we had burst into laughter remembering that Jenny use to swipe Jimmy's muffins all the time when they were little causing Jimmy to complain quite often like he just did.

Then his face got real serious as he began to speak.

"Remember that plane crash in Australia years ago when they thought everyone was killed since they didn't find the plane for weeks?" Jimmy was mentioning to us.

"I remember. It was the mother that saved them all when she walked them all to safety." Mack also mentioned as he looked at Jimmy.

"Didn't the mother nearly die or something like it?" I mentioned, adding to the conversation as I remembered some of it from that time. I remember Jimmy come running in when they found out they had  survived the crash. 

"I just saw the actual news video footage of the plane as it landed at Darwin airport to meet the ambulances that were waiting for those survivors." Jimmy quietly mentioned as he looked down at his cuppa. 

Then he looked up at us and the words he next spoke nearly dropped my heart down into my stomach.

"That woman was Jen." He said looking around at all of us. 

"Oh my.. " Graeme started to say as we all sat there stunned.

Then I started to softly weep.

"She would have died and none of us would ever have known about it." I said in a whisper as I has to put my cup down before I dropped it since my hand was shaking too much.

"There's more." Jimmy went on to mention.

"She was hurt pretty bad and had to have reconstructive surgery done. Some of which she has had done very recently. " Jimmy was now informing us.

I was feeling so nervous and upset that I had to grab hold of Graeme and lean onto him.

"How bad is it?" I asked him quietly wondering how bad it was for my little girl.

"If you saw her on the street, you wouldn't recognise her." Jimmy was saying.

"Then how did you know it was her?" Mack turned to Jimmy to ask him as he leaned back on his chair with his arms crossed over his chest and a frown on his face.

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