They Know Part 49

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8th September 2018 All Rights Reserved


Elaine Roberts POV...

It was so hard to wait until my son came back home. Graeme and I waited until after midnight for him to come home and walk in the door. We knew where he went the moment he left the house. I even wanted to run after him to set my own eyes on my little girl for the first time in such a long time.

I couldn't even stop the tears from falling despite Graeme staying up with me as we both waited, sitting on the lounge next to each other and quietly talking to each other about the 'what if's' that are likely to come up when we finally get to meet her.

We had finally sent Jilly to bed over an hour ago when we noticed that her head kept dropping onto the lounge arm she had been sitting on. She didn't want to go, so we had to prod her. Of course we pumped her for all the information she could give us about them all that were there.

Hearing that the young man I spoke to earlier tonight was possibly our grandson was a bit of a shock. Maybe he was a step son instead since I know my daughter would have been very young when she had them. But then she said something that shocked us even more.

Jilly said that there were older siblings, one who looked like Jilly they said. The one they called Thia. That made me really think back to all those years ago when all that bad stuff had been happening and I wondered if Mack and Jenny were closer than we all realised.

Lillianthiah, that was one of the names that Jenny chose for a girl when she ever had one. Another name she chose was Allioniah for another little girl. I always remembered those names.

Hearing the back door quietly open and close a moment later, Graeme and I jumped to our feet getting up off the lounge and waited until we saw who it was that came in the door. Of course we were expecting it to be Jimmy, but it was Mack instead. I was feeling a little guilty that it was Mack and not Jimmy who I was hoping it would be.

"Hey" He said as he quietly came in and put his bag down in the hall before coming into the lounge looking around.

"We sent her to bed." I said to him quietly as I looked at him. Really looked at him trying to see something that I didn't know was there. Something I wasn't sure I was even looking for.

I looked at Graeme and silently shook my head at him not sure why I didn't want him to know. I don't know why, but I felt that something monumental was going to happen in a few short hours. Something I wasn't sure we were ready for.

A few minutes later, the door opened again and as we stood there waiting, we heard the sound of a single pair of steps coming through the kitchen towards the lounge room where we were waiting. Looking up, we saw that this time, it was Jimmy who entered and stood there watching us.

We could see that there had been tears in his eyes. But the light that was also in them showed to us that it was her. Then we smiled at Jimmy who gave us a smile back in return. Taking a few steps closer to us, he came close enough to wrap his arms around us and squeeze us tight.

"It's her." Was all he said before I burst into some gut felt, heart wrenching tears being held between the two most important men in my life.

"What's wrong? What's happened?" Mack asked from behind us as we three stood there embraced as we were.

"She's home." Jimmy said to him which caused Mack to lose whatever color he had in his face as he stumbled over to a lounge to fall into it. He knew who we were talking about.

"And there are things you should know." Jimmy quietly went on to say when I calmed down a little.

"What things?" I asked him as I was wiping my eyes and blowing my nose on a hankie that Graeme thrust into my hands.

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