Deep Water

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Joseph POV

"This where I want to retire when I'm done with football," Dean spoke as he leaned back in the booth we were in.

"I can honestly see you doing that," Phil replied laughing at his comment. We had spent the day at his school taking a tour and end up sitting in one of his classes. He was a cool guy and I respect what he is trying to do down there.

"We're in the strip capital of the country. I'm here to get my boy here Joe laid and hopefully get a lap dance or two from the lovely ladies of Kiss, " he put his beer up in the air as if he were making a toast before taking a swig.

"How did you even know about this place and I didn't? I live here," Phil asked as he took a sip of his soda. I found it odd that he came to a place like this considering he didn't drink. What's the point if even being here if your not gonna get a little drunk.

"I happen to still know people who live in the area. We need to get some shots up in here!" Dean yelled as he signaled the bartender through the loud music. The bright pink and red lights colored the loud venue as there were stripper poles at each booth.

"I'm gonna be right back," Phil excused himself as he left the booth.

"Listen man. I'm sorry about being on your case earlier about that girl. I've over stepped big time but it comes from a good place," he apologized after a moment of silence. I knew that he only wanted what was best for me. That's what everyone seems to keep repeating lately. I knew I've made mistakes before but I knew what was best for myself. I'm tired of people telling me what I could and couldn't do.

"I get it Dean I do, it's just you've been making a bad habit of assuming the worst in me lately," I responded as I took a sip of my beer as I had to say what I felt. He frowned in response before an angry expression took over, "Well it's not act like you don't have a history of fucking up badly."

"If this is how things are going to be then maybe we shouldn't work together," I snapped as I was sick of being punished for my past mistakes. Dean sighed shaking his head, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I have been a bad friend lately and I can't keep blaming it on work."

"At some point you've got to realize I am not that person anymore. I don't need you meddling in my shit," I told him as I was fed up.

"You're right. Never again," he surrendered his hands in the air as if to call a truce. "Whatever," I rolled my eyes as I knew he was just looking out for me. I also had to admit to myself that I was lying to him about my relationship with Robin.

"Now we're talking!" Dean shouted over the music that had seemingly increased in volume as more people had piled into the club. Men and women surrounded the different booths placed around the club.

"Here are your shots!" A young woman with a red swim suit with the print 'KISS' in black and black stiletto heels approached our booth. She placed a tray of shots on our table before sensually bending over Dean  as she placed a VIP special pass over Deans neck. He whispered something to the brunettes ear to which she giggled before nodding and leaving the table.

"You make friends quick," I rose my eyebrow at him as he had a dazed look in his eyes as he watched her work the bar through the dancing crowd.

"Yeah well, don't tell Paige." He told me before laughing as he divided up the shots.

"What's the pass for?" I asked pointing
to the string around his neck.

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