Smooth Operator

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Robin POV

"Just put on the dress Robin," Alicia groaned for the millionth time today as she has been trying to convince me to wear one of the dresses I bought yesterday. We had to leave in about an hour to meet Ryan at the club he suggested.

"It shows major cleavage first of all and a lot of my legs and I'm just not comfortable with that," I shook my head as I threw the black dress with roses patterned all over it on the bed as I sat down next to it.

"First of, it's only a little above the knee and there's nothing wrong with cleavage. It's not like you have much to worry about any ways. You're not exactly walking around with double d's," she retorted. I rolled my eyes at her comment trying not to let her words get to me.

"Whatever. It's your choice. Here's your  fake ID," she handed me the piece of plastic. She had taken my picture at the mall yesterday, saying something about having a friend who could make one for me. It looked pretty legit, I just hoped it worked.

"Do you think it's a good idea to go out tonight? Coach Ambrose seemed pretty serious about not being allowed to leave the hotel rooms past twelve pm." I asked worried about the consequences of what would happen if we were to get caught. I really couldn't afford to lose this job.

"Gosh would you relax, we are not gonna get caught," she exasperated as she went into the bathroom to finish up her make up.

"Where were you this morning anyways," she asked as her voice echoed from the bathroom walls.

"I just went out for a bit," I responded as I remembered my date with Joe this morning. I had enjoyed spending time with him and found myself admiring the way he would eat his food. I blushed at the memory as he had caught me staring and winked at me.

"Oh yeah? With who?" She asked as she walked back out of the bathroom and walked to her bed with her clothes scattered all over the covers.

"Nobody," I replied as I walked to the bathroom hoping to avoid the conversation by getting ready.

"Did it have anything to do with the call you got that woke me up this morning," she yelled from the other side as I had shut the door and turned on the fan. Keeping my relationship with Joe a secret was going to be hard but I guess we both knew how necessary it is for now. I glanced at my appearance once more in the mirror as I had decided to leave my hair down. I changed into some white fitted jeans with a black tank top. I made sure to wear my leather jacket to cover my arms as I still had a few scars from my parents abuse that refused to fade.

"Robin I have the perfect heels for you!" Alicia squealed startling me a bit a she rapidly knocked on the door.

"I don't wear heels," I told her as I walked around her leaving the bathroom. The door bell rang causing the both of us to look at each other.

"Are you expecting someone," I asked as it was a little past midnight so it couldn't be room service.

"No," she shrugged as she walked back into the bathroom shutting the door. The door bell rang again leaving me no choice but to answer. Whoever it was started to knock annoyingly at the door as I hurriedly swung the door open.

"Hey Robin," Ryan beamed as he stood in front of me with two large bottles of whiskey in his hands.

"H-Hi Ryan. What are you doing here?" I asked as I was not expecting him to be on the other side of the door.

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