"Mom stop. I don't love her anymore. Everybody, especially her need to understand that," I was tired of everyone so happy to assume that we would automatically pick up where we left of years ago. I loved my mom, but she couldn't change my mind on this one.

"I just can't accept that. I know what's best for you as my son. What did you even say to her? Do you know that she has been crying non stop?" She asked as she had finally stopped yelling at me.

"Mom this is between me and Stacey and I really don't want to talk about it," I sighed as I heard the hotel doorbell ring from inside.

"Alright then, fine. I'll leave it alone for now, but remember she is the mother of your child," she spoke much calmer then before striking a nerve of anger in me.

"She was Mom. Not anymore. You both need to move on because I have," I gritted out as I tried my best not to disrespect my mother.

"I'm thinking of telling your father what happened," my mother voiced her thoughts to which I panicked.

"What?! No!! Why?!" I protested as I feared my worst nightmare would come true.

"He is your father, he should know you had a child. The rest of the family should know too," she pushed as it had seemed that her mind may have been made up.

"You know he would go crazy if he found out! You know how strict he is on me out of all people. It took a lot to gain his trust back after being kicked off the team and all those mistakes I made before. If he hears this now, especially after so long. Just think of how he would react," I tried to sway her as I was not ready to face of with my father in that way yet. My father was a very strict and prideful man and he held his family with such high expectations. It was always best to stay on his good side.

"I guess you're right," she sighed as she had thankfully gotten back to her senses. A knocking sound caught my attention as Dean appeared on the other side of the glass door signaling his watch.

"I have to go handle a few things right now but I'll call you later Mom," I spoke as I was ready to get off the phone.

"Wait we still need to talk. How's coaching?" She asked.

"Mom I really need to go," I groaned as she wanted to start a whole new conversation.

"Alright. You need to come home soon for a visit," she scolded as I could already imagining her shaking her head.

"I will," I assured her before hanging up the phone. Sliding my phone into my pocket, I walked back into the hotel room meeting up with Dean in the living room.

"Hey man, this is Punk," Dean pointed his beer at the tattooed man seated on the couch.

"The name is Phil," He shook my hand as we greeted each other.

"I'm Joe," I responded as we sat back down. "So how do you know this idiot," I asked as I pointed to Dean who was making himself a drink at the bar.

"We met a while back when we wrestled with a few independent companies back in the day," he responded.

"Yeah right before you left for the grandest stage of them all. Punk here is gonna show us his new wrestling school he just opened downtown," Dean said as he put his sunglasses on.

"You guys ready to hit the road?" Phil asked as he stood up grabbing his keys.

"Yeah," I responded as I didn't want to spend my weekend in Miami indoors.

"Did you ever wrestle Joe?" Phil asked as we headed out of the hotel room.

"Nah. Never tried out despite my family lineage of wrestling," I responded.

"Basically anybody Samoan in the business. Joe here is the son of Sika," Dean boasted as he patted me on the back as we stepped on to the elevator. He went on about my family's involvement in the wrestling world and I couldn't help but feel proud of my father. My father had a good reputation and was a well respected man which is why I always hated disappointing him.

"Holy shit, no way man. The Samoan dynasty?" Phil asked surprised to which I nodded.

"You know, you've definitely got the look of a wrestler. Do you have any interest in joining the family business?"  He asked.

"I've thought about it," I shrugged.

"Well if you're ever interested, let me know." He handed me his business card.

"I doubt it," as I mumbled as I shoved the piece of paper in my pocket. I wasn't going to waste my time on dreams I may have had a long time ago.

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