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Joseph POV

"Man that was brutal," Dean gruffed out as we walked back into our hotel room from the meeting with the coaches from the opposing team.

"Do they all act like that?" I asked him as we settled into the living room exhausted. The Miami heat was definitely in effect as the temperatures were on the high today so we had been drained by the heat.

"Yeah for the most part. Every coach we go up against has an arrogant​ chip off of his shoulder and is sure to shove it in your face," he responds shaking his head as he rubbed the stress off his eyes. I felt bad that he had a lot of pressure on him being the head coach and it wasn't easy when people tried to make his job harder.

"Well I'll make sure to keep that in mind for future games," I responded as I checked my phone for any messages. My phone had been buzzing with messages from my sister and I already knew what they were about.

"Listen this season is only just beginning and we are going to go through a lot of bullshit. I just need to know are you still committed to the team?" Dean asked turning to me in his seat.

"I take my job seriously Dean," as I gave him a blank stare as I was confused at why he was asking me this.

"Are you sure?" He asked skeptically as he placed his beer on the table as he was serious.

"Where is this coming from?" I asked him as he was starting to piss me off.

"Listen, I may not know the full details about whatever that's going on between you and Robin, but you need to stop it," he spoke as if he was scolding his own son.

"I'll say it again. There is nothing going on between me and her," I told him as I opened my beer. If I gave him the reaction he wanted he was sure to think there was something going on. It's what's best for now any ways.

"Alright so you weren't with her when I called you this morning," he asked as he seemed skeptical of my answer. I was enjoying her company finishing breakfast until he had to call about the meeting with coaches ending our date.

"Drop it Dean," I warned him. My phone started to ring with my mother's caller ID flashing across my phone. I groaned in annoyance as I already knew this wasn't a regular phone call but I knew if I didn't answer I would be in even more trouble.

"I gotta take this," I excused myself as I walked out onto the hotel balcony closing the glass door behind me.

"Hey mom," I said carefully hoping she wasn't to angry.

"Leati what the hell is the matter with you?!" My mother's angry voice rang through the phone.

"I really don't want to talk about it Mom," I sighed as I rubbed the back of my neck knowing she was fuming. I knew my talk with Stacey would have consequences and I was living it now.

"Summer called and told me what you did. Have you lost your mind?!" She continued to yell as I could imagine her small frame pacing back and forth.

"All I did was tell her the truth," I shrugged even through she couldn't see me.

"Stop that Leati. This isn't some random woman you had a fling with. You loved that girl and you were going to start a family with her-," she rambled on as if her words would some what convince me otherwise.

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